Q: would you call me the beginning of the five-pointed stars thatare so famous on people"s houses? I as soon as read that thefive-pointed star had its origin in Satan worship.

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The heritage of put a star top top American homes can it is in tracedback to the 1700s in new England, follow to one web site.Farmers mounted five-pointed stars on your barns together a sign of goodluck, favor a horseshoe, or just as decoration. Well-known as "barnstars," they became really popular in Pennsylvania throughout the 1800s,particularly ~ the civil War. Barn stars initially were carvedright into the barn, however later to be made independently out that wood,metal or even roofing tiles, and attached come the buildingseparately, according to tinntreasures.com.

Five-pointed stars and the pentagram formed by the inside pointshave likewise been supplied throughout background to signify paganism,communism and also socialism and also militarism. The five-pointed star oncerepresented the 10 people of Israel. Turned upside-down, the starhas been supplied by Satanists in your rituals. The Freemasons that theUnited States have a five-pointed star together a price representing thefive clues of fellowship. The star is likewise used together the symbol ofsome fraternal organizations. The five-pointed star is also part ofmany state and also national flags, consisting of the flag the the UnitedStates. According to ushistory.org, Betsy Ross allegedly determined thefive-pointed star over a six-pointed star for her flag due to the fact that itcould be cut with one snip that a scissor.

You have the right to read a lot right into the meaning of a five-pointed star. But forthe many part, plenty of homeowners watch them together decorations.

Q: I"ve been told that, for small engines stored over thewintertime, ie. Lawnmowers, motorcycles, etc., the ethanol ingasoline division down and turns right into a lacquer. What locations sellnon-ethanol petrol in this area?

A: Ethanol-free petrol is desired by part over ethanol-addedgasoline since it performs much better in tiny engines such as thosefor motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowblowers and boats. Ethanol-addedgasoline burns hotter and absorbs much more moisture 보다 ethanol-freegas, qualities that some mechanics say can damage smallerengines and rot the hoses.

However, very few places market gasoline there is no some sort of ethanoladditive. One together place approximately here is Rhoades company Center,located in ~ 1904 west Ave. In Albany. An additional is Gendron"s Sales& service Station in ~ 696 flow St. In Troy. And also Gendron"s PitStop phibìc at 125th and also Fifth path in Troy has actually just startedselling it.

Non-ethanol gas is an ext expensive 보다 ethanol-added gas, since ithas to be imported indigenous Canada. At Rhoades, the price for a gallonof 87-octane non-ethanol gas on Friday was $3.16, while you couldget it for $2.95 a gallon at Gendron"s.

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Kevin Gendron, owner of Gendron"s Sales & Service, says there"sa an extremely high demand for the non-ethanol gasoline because of thedamage the ethanol "wreaks" on tiny engines. He said one customercomes in every week simply to obtain ethanol-free fuel for his smallairplane.

Jeff Alden that L.A. & son on Corinth roadway in Queensbury saidgasoline left in engines over the winter can become watery and candamage the engine"s carburetor. However he doesn"t recommend replacingthe gasoline through a non-ethanol brand or even using a gasolineadditive. His advice: "Just drainpipe the gas."


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