One the the most iconic changes in Yankees’ background was also one the the least exciting things about the change.

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Today, it is taken into consideration borderline heresy to indicate the Yankees make any kind of sort of transforms to your uniforms. Various other than ~ above Player’s Weekend, you most likely will not watch the team wear noþeles drastically different than the pinstriped home jerseys and also the gray far jerseys.

However, the Yankees did not have pinstripes on their uniforms till 1912, and the readjust did not come to be permanent until 1920. The level road grays didn’t come to be normal until a few years after ~ that.

The story that why the Yankees determined to stay pinstripes isn’t in reality that interesting. In fact, the (eventually long-term switch) to the marine blue pinstripes in 1915 to be the least amazing thing to perform with the change.

One concept that acquired some traction through the years was that pinstripes room slimming, and also the Yankees acquired them to help Babe Ruth look fitter. That’s no true, as Ruth didn’t end up being a Yankee till 1920, which as you can number out if you read the first pair paragraphs, was after the addition of pinstripes.

The actual answer is simply that they to be a fad in baseball at the time. The Giants had begun wearing them, and the Cubs had actually started the trend a couple of years before. The Yankees debuted the pinstripes in black in 1912, yet they went away after the year. The Yankees carried them earlier in navy blue in 1915, and also they’ve to be there ever before since.

Pinstripes were also introduced on the road uniforms in 1915, but, uh, those did no stand the test of time.

Here is the summary of them native the dependable SportsLogos.Net:

NY in blue interlocked ~ above a grey jersey v red, green, and also blue pinstripes.

No seriously, the is what lock wore.

SportsLogos.Net no much details on specifically why this an option was make is available. Shockingly, the multi-colored pinstripes lasted just one season. Lock were changed by much more understandable navy blue pinstripes top top the gray uniforms. Eventually, the pinstripes to be dropped, and also the road grays have just had actually “New York” or “Yankees” on castle in various fonts ever before since.

Now ~ above the various other weird thing around the 1915 uniform change.

Nowadays, a ton the the uniforms used end up gaining sold. I’m certain if friend look hard enough, you deserve to buy a game-worn Pete Kozma Yankees jersey somewhere. However, the sporting activities collection sector then i will not ~ have even been close come as large of a thing as it is now, if it even existed.

So, what would certainly you do with old jerseys in 1914-15? Naturally, send them to prison.

According to new York Times write-ups from then, the jerseys were packed up and also sent to sing Sing jail so they might be occupational in one inmates league. There is something really 1910s about an inmates baseball league. Something speak me, sending old uniforms to detainees is no a continual occurrence today.

The Yankees have actually worn pinstripes due to the fact that before any type of of united state were born. (Apologies if there are any kind of 103 year olds analysis Pinstripe Alley.) they have end up being classics and aren’t going come change.

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There is also a small part in every one of us that most likely wishes the Yankees still had actually red and also green pinstriped roadway uniforms though.