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The reason this happens remained a an enig until havier Rodriguez-Rodriguez, who has actually a doctorate in fluid mechanics, discussed it v his partner one night at a bar.

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They used high-speed cameras to watch the phenomenon in action and discovered that the vibration that the bottle reasons the beer balloon to pulsate and also collapse, lot like one explosion.Following is a transcript that the video.

You can have skilled this, depending upon how evil her friends are. Your friend taps the peak of her beer bottle with the bottom that theirs. Why this happens was mostly unknown till Javier Rodriguez-Rodriguez and his colleagues at Carlos III university in Madrid identified why.

Rodriguez-Rodriguez: "I was through some partner one night in a bar after ~ work. Partner from the university, from mine department, and then us all started to perform this thing to each other. And also we were, we started basically to comment on like so what is the cause of this explode of foam."

He offered high-speed cameras to see the phenomenon in action. Then he zoomed in yes, really close. As shortly as the party is struck, a tide of vibrations runs with it. As soon as the wave hits tiny bubbles throughout the beer, the bubbles begin pulsating and then collapse.

Rodriguez-Rodriguez:"So this is, in few words, this is prefer an explosion. Girlfriend think around that, the explode is actually the sudden relax of a huge amount that gas the is do the efforts to make it"s way out. Therefore this is what creates these waves and also explosions and also these things. For this reason this is in couple of words what happens v the bubbles. The cloud the bubbles the resulted native the explosion. The goes super rapid so that multiplies the volume by ten. In a issue of one millisecond come ten milliseconds."

When the bubbles collapse they type tiny fragments. Those fragments are inflated by various other CO2 in the beer. Together they to fill up through CO2 gas, they grow much more buoyant and also start rushing towards the surface. The quicker the balloon rise, the much faster they grow coming to be a self-feeding loop. The impact looks something favor a mushroom cloud and also it"s around as unstoppable as an explosion.

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Rodriguez-Rodriguez: "So it means that theseplumes space able to grow untilbasically, they occupy thewhole volume that the bottle."

He saysyou can either try to drink the expanding foam or uncover the nearest sink.

Rodriguez-Rodriguez: "I choose to drink it."

Their findings might have vast implications, beyond your beer.Often large amounts of CO2 erupt from lakes and volcanoes. Geologists say if they have the right to predict those events they could curb CO2 exposure in nearby communities and also even warning the public prior to volcanic eruptions.I"ll drink come that!