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Why perform temperatures no fluctuate near equator in spite of earth"s tilt? (climate, warm)
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Equator is neutral to winter vs summer,But still there is fluctuation of sun intensity. Sunlight is directly on the equator on both equinoxes but 23.45 degrees removed native equator at solstices Therefore, I would expect much more heat ~ above the equator heat in Sept-October and also March-April, and cooler in both July and also JanuaryBut us don"t see this. Only equator seasonal changes you can see are precipitation amounts. Why the no temperature variation in ~ all? Is it that winds are too light to relocate air around within those 3-month periods? because of weak coriolis?
I think it can be the temperature readjust in response to sun angle lags about 6 weeks behind This means the times in between solstice and also equinox are inadequate to move temperature really far.
It needs to do through the equatorial climate - it rains practically everyday there and it"s mostly cloudy. If many days the the year room that way I"m certain the temps will certainly be secure all year round.

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Over lot of the world what problem quite typically is what waiting mass you"re in at the time. Right now where ns am in Texas we were in ~ 80 and also humid a couple of days ago. We had southerly circulation bringing heat moist waiting from the gulf. Now we topped out approximately 40 many thanks to a cold front. Tomorrow will certainly be sunny however still won"t get above 60 due to the fact that of the cold wait mass at the surface. Obviously solar angle and also day size aren"t to blame because that the cold weather. This particular day is tiny longer than last a day critical weekend and the sunlight is a little bit higher. But since of the cold front it"s lot cooler. This weekend the south flow will return and also we"ll it is in in a warmer waiting mass. In ~ the equator you"ve obtained tropical air to the north and also tropical air come the south. Cold waiting from the poles has actually a long way to go to make it to the equator so equatorial regions stay in warmth tropical air. The equator is never more than 23.5 degrees away indigenous the an ar of preferably solar intensity and as quickly as the max is reached it start decreasing again. There just isn"t time to develop a cold wait mass. Likewise the length of day is always 12 hrs at the equator for this reason it"s simply solar strongness changing. Some places do have a little seasonal variation. It deserve to be a localized thing. Seaside or island regions have actually the seas to moderate temperature even much more than inland places. Wet and dry periods are likewise a significant reason for any type of variations like in Nairobi Kenya.