Most dog are exclusive poopers. They favor to duck under a deck or walk behind a bush to carry out their business. And also I won’t lie—dogs most likely think it’s really strange once we stand over lock while castle poop and then pick it up or scoop it increase from behind them.

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But this everyday, boring, kinda gun task likewise gives pet parental the chance to monitor and assess your dog’s poop. You may not even realize you space doing it, but you notification when poop is more firm or looser or alters color.

That’s a good thing due to the fact that poop have the right to tell united state so much about what is going on within of our dogs. Yet if you view white dog poo—instead the continual brown color—something is wrong.

Why her Dog’s Poop color Matters

If eyes space the home window to the soul, poop is the home window to the body (yep, we said it). Feces changes based on the wellness of a dog’ stomach and also intestines. However it additionally changes relying on what’s walking on with a dog’s liver, pancreas, and also even systemic an illness such together infections.

Changes to poop can encompass texture (solid to loosened to liquid), odor, frequency, and also contents (mucus, blood, worms). But another important readjust to look because that in your dog’s poop is a change or difference in color.

For example, red feces shows the existence of blood that has actually not to be digested, meaning it most likely comes from the colon. Dark, nearly black stool means that there is spend blood, commonly from a stomach or small intestinal ulcer. Green dog poop have the right to indicate the the dog is eat grass or deserve to be because of the liver no functioning properly.

Your dog’s poop should typically be a shade of brown. The details shade has actually a many to execute with the kind of food your dog eats and how commonly he poops.

Why is my Dog’s Poop White?


White dog poo signal a problem. There are several reasons a dog’s poop could be white, but white poop is never normal.

White poop in dogs have the right to indicate a dietary problem or imbalance, a medication side effect, inner illnesses, or a helminth infection. Below are several of the usual reasons why a dog’s poop could be white:

High Calcium Diets

First, think about what you space feeding your dog. Some diets, especially raw diets, are an extremely high in calcium which can cause white or an extremely light fancy stools that room hard. Feeding dog raw diet come with a hazard of bacterial contamination and they might be nutritionally imbalanced. Life diets through too lot calcium can reason constipation, difficult stool, and also white poop.

If girlfriend think this might be the source of her dog’s hard and also white poop, switch to a commercially formulated cooked dog food or above a veterinary nutritionist for help reformulating her dog’s diet.

Medication side Effects

Some drugs or treatments offered by your veterinarian, such as liquid barium, deserve to turn poop temporary white. It will go back to normal color once the barium has passed with your dog’s system. If your dog’s poop walk not return to normal complying with the stoppage that dosing her dog with liquid barium, consult her veterinarian.

Your Dog Ate a White Object

The following thing to assess is whether the poop is white or there is miscellaneous white in it. A dog who eats a white sock may be able to poop out the sock in which case there is most likely normal brown poop around the sock.

Dogs that eat things that are not food—like toys, fabric, and rocks—are at risk for dangerous cradle obstructions if the object it s okay stuck. The only way to eliminate a stuck object is v surgery.


If there space white specks or strings in your dog’s poop, those could be tapeworms. Tapeworm eggs are visible to the nude eye and also are often described as seed of short-grain rice. You space unlikely to view adult worms such as hookworms or roundworms in feces unless your dog has actually a major infestation. If you check out white specks or strands in your dog’s poop, call your veterinarian immediately for dewormer and also don’t forget around the prominence of decontaminating your yard too!

Digestive Problems

Mucus in dog poop deserve to look white or yellow. A tiny bit of mucus have the right to be normal yet too much method your dog is having a trouble digesting something. That something might be table scraps or non-food items favor a tennis ball. As soon as mucus has red in the that method blood and blood of any kind of kind in poop always necessitates a trip to the veterinarian.

Internal Illness

Fortunately, internal illness is the least likely of all the points that can cause your dog’s poop to it is in white. However, because that those couple of who have actually white or gray poop, the trouble is serious. White or gray poop method that digestion is not happening properly (maldigestion).

The liver produces bile, a green-pigmented material that transforms poop brown. If the liver is not creating bile, or the gallbladder is no piping it into the intestines to mix with food, climate the result is white or gray poop. Since bile is very important in proper digestion, a absence of bile is a serious trouble that needs to be investigated by her veterinarian immediately.

Similarly, a pancreas the is not functioning effectively can cause light gray poop in dogs. The pancreas is responsible for producing several vital digestive enzymes including insulin. Difficulties with the liver, gallbladder, or pancreas can all come to be life-threatening if not treated.

Why go Dog Poop rotate White?

When her dog poops, the looks normal and also healthy yet then over time it transforms white. This can be because of the common pigments breaking under in the sunlight or to the growth of mold in an ext humid environments. If you an alert either of those things, that does not mean there is anything wrong v your dog.

However, if you notice dog poop transforming white in her yard, it does average you should clean up her dog’s poop more regularly. Dog feces left in the dirt can contaminate water sources, result in your dog occurring intestinal worms, encourage coprophagy (poop eating), and just be really gross to accidentally action in.

What to do If her Dog’s Poop Is White


If you notice that your dog’s poop is white, look for several of the attributes above. Can you see visible piece of a white object or worm segments? for dogs v white specks or strands in poop, a solid dewormer is necessary. For other objects, monitor your dog. If the next poop is completely normal and also your dog continues to eat and also drink and also poop generally there is most likely nothing to concern about. But, a dog who is recognized to eat objects that can’t poop or won’t eat needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

If diet is the reason of the white poop, a readjust in diet is the solution. End time, diets too high in calcium can lead come constipation or also obstipation (painful and challenging defecation). Transition dog food slowly, over the food of a week or two, so that you don’t reason intestinal upset and diarrhea.

If your dog has gray or white poop and you can’t conveniently determine the cause, you need to schedule an immediate appointment with your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will execute a finish physical exam, assess her dog’s feces, and run bloodwork to find the resource of the problem. Treatment will count on the cause however will likely require lot of veterinary visits, progressed testing, medications, and possibly also surgery. Her veterinarian may likewise refer you come a veterinarian who specializes in interior medicine.

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So, keep bringing those poop bags follow me on walks and monitor your dog’s poop. Girlfriend may capture a change before it i do not care a problem so the you have the right to keep your dog healthy and also by her side.