But unbelievably there are plenty of civilization out there selecting to accessorise in the most intimate part of the body - us take a look at the notorious Prince Albert piercing.

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A imperial Albert piercing is a cock piercing. 

Are there different types?

Yes. Those wanting to try something even an ext unconventional can obtain a turning back Prince Albert, i m sorry goes approximately the height of the cock rather than underneath. 

There is likewise the Prince’s Wand - a T-shaped piercing. 

How go the Prince Albert piercing obtain its name?

The piercing gets its surname from a rumour that circulated claiming the Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, gained a penis piercing in his twenties. 

Historians have never to be able to check this - but the rumour persisted v the century nonetheless.

Some have suggested the prince may have actually suffered form Peyronie’s condition - a problem which caused painful, curved erections - and also had the piercing in an effort to straighten his penis. 

Are there sexual benefits?

Possibly, as the piercing will increase sensitivity in the cock during intercourse. 

But this counts on the form of material used and how a partner’s human body responds come the sensation. 

However, wild sex through a piercing could reason injury come the penis. 

How much does the piercing typically cost?

A Prince Albert piercing may cost anywhere indigenous £35 to numerous hundred pounds at high-end shops. 

How is the piercing done?

A procedure sees a steel ring pierced v the pointer of the skin in ~ the pointer of the penis. That is climate bent through pliers to produce a rounded ring shape. 



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