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Answers to the Questions:Some that these do sense, some room pretty much out there. Insteadof narrowing the ar down, it seems all i did was open up it up even farther.But, do your own decisions:(These are the precise messages ns received, edited only for spelling/grammar)

NEW- 1) wherein did the video game name "Marco Polo" come from?

From a kids suggest of see marco polo to be an explorer and also I median this is apparent but that was simply named after ~ him because it involves water andmaybe whoever made it up remained in an ocean playing this game or something follow me these currently :)

OLD- 2) complete the verse...

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The method it went when I was in elementary school is together follows:1st great babies, 2nd grade tots, 3rd grade angels, fourth grade snots, 5th gradepeaches, sixth grade plums, and all the remainder are dirty old bums.Needless to say, you only liked to say it as soon as you to be in 3rd grade.

OLD- 3) wherein did the video game name "Red Rover" come from?:

The name Red Rover come from the civilization in the Yukon Territories. The2 maincolors the skin space white and also "red". The red did not hang around thewhiteand so they make there own games. Among them is red rover come homewhichis a video game that the red played versus the white. As soon as the white wononeof the red the red would try to acquire him back.There were two armed forces units and they were constantly trading soldiers.If the soldier killed an enemy they continued to be in the unit that they weretraded to,and if castle didn"t death an opponent they went earlier to the original unit.Yes it does have actually something to do with the old army units there werethe special ranks, mine dad was one, the is how I know. As soon as theytraded, since there were two army units with this name, theyhad togo with initiation like football whereby they had actually the huge metal tackledummies and also you had to run and break v them other than that therewere3 rows therefore it to be a small harder, however that to be basically where it camefrom.Actually, the name Red Rover comes from the old Tasmanians.They wereall sort of loony, and enjoyed throwing us at large groupsofpeople. This is also how they battled their wars. Wheneverthey walk this,they would shout, "Ved Voover!" American immigration officialsadaptedthis surname to the closestly English indigenous they could find.I"m pretty certain that "Red Rover" is named for Red Rover clover.Red Rover come from a red dog.

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OLD-4) Why is a tie in Tic-Tac-Toe called a Cat"s Game?:

I think a tie in Tic Tac toe is a Cat"s Game due to the fact that Tac order backwardsis Cat.I believe this originates from a tie being thought about a "scratch game".Callit a "Cat"s Game" if you will.Cats scratch.Tic Tac toe ties are dubbed cats game since no matter how tough a cattriesto win against its story it never wins and yet has funI think that the is a cat-mouse game.if not among the 2 playersgetsthe suggest making it a tie game. Therefore, cat it s okay mouse(point).It"s a video game of skills the cat walk one means and the computer mouse goes another.Sowhen it"s a tie that"s what it way cat"s game. A cat and also mousechase. When computer mouse gets far the cat looses. And the mousegets away. A gamethat go in any direction just like a cat and mouse.There to be a tic ~ above a tac top top a cat toe.Because cat scratchThe factor it is dubbed a Cat"s game is that usually as soon as the gameends in a tie it will make a letter "c" in the video game board.About Cat"s video game in Tic Tac Toe--it is always possible to do a "C"outof either the X"s or O"s once the game is a tie. I think thatis thereason.I constantly believed it was dubbed Cat"s Tail since one football player X"s orO"smade a semi-circle prefer a cats tail cutting up.