Derek Jeter #2 of the brand-new York Yankees swats the game winning residence run in the 10th inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks throughout game 4 of the significant League Baseball World collection at Yankee stadion in brand-new York, new York, Oct. 31, 2001. Al Bello/ALLSPORT
By Jerry Bembry

It was Halloween night when new York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter stepped right into the batter’s crate in the 10th inning of game 4 of the 2001 World series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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That World series game in ~ Yankee stadium was, for brand-new Yorkers, therapeutic: The Yankees’ 4th straight figure in the Fall standard was a welcome distraction from the terrorist attacks just 6 weeks before in which two planes slammed right into the twin Towers of the world Trade Center, leaving much more than 2,500 civilization dead in reduced Manhattan. The tragic events of Sept. 11 brought about a short postponement that the consistent season, advertise the entire schedule back a week.

That’s the backstory of how Jeter became the very first baseball player come bat throughout a World series game in November, which developed as the clock to win midnight just after the stepped come the plate.

Jeter, in guiding the Yankees to 3 consecutive World series titles leading as much as the 2001 series, was well on his way to developing a winning society in new York and also building his resume as a Yankee legend. His batting average during the three right titles was a gaudy .375, consisting of the .409 the hit in the 2000 civilization Series, once he hit two residence runs en route to winning the MVP award.

More ~ above World series

But there was no current World series success to count on because that Jeter when he batted in the bottom the the 10th the that video game 4. Jeter had just one struggle in 15 at-bats (.067) once he stepped come the plate against Arizona reliever Byung-Hyun Kim through the bases empty and two outs in a 3-3 game.

After fouling off the first pitch, Jeter swung and also missed in ~ the second, and also it showed up that his struggles at the plate would continue against the sidearm-pitching Kim. After looking at a pitch that was low and outside, Jeter fouled turn off two more in what was building as a prolonged at-bat.

Jeter’s contact on Kim’s 9th pitch was an excellent — no great. Yet his opposite-field drive traveled under the line of a stadion with one of the shortest right-field porches (314 feet to the corner) in baseball.

Jeter was rounding an initial base together his shooting barely clearing the wall, leading him to sluggish to a house run trot as he pumped his ideal wrist in the air. His teammates had currently surrounded residence plate together he rounded third base, and as Jeter made his final hop right into a massive of mankind to end the game, a fan hosted up a sign that would certainly make its method to the earlier pages the the new York tabloids later on that day:

“Mr. November.”

“When I an initial hit it, I had no idea whether it was going to walk out,” Jeter told reporters after the game. “But once it walk out, the a pretty one-of-a-kind feeling.”

Adding to the special minute for Jeter: Baseball’s an initial November World collection home operation was the an initial walk-off residence run in the job of the soon-to-be room of Famer, who timely heroics made everyone forget his 2001 postseason battles to the point.

“The beauty of the postseason is it really renders no difference what did you do it done approximately a particular point,” Jeter said, “because every time you space at the plate or every time you are in the field, you have the opportunity to execute something special.”

The Yankees winner 3-2 the following day to take a 3-1 collection lead. But as with in the road gamings of the 2017 American organization Championship collection against the Houston Astros, the 2001 Yankees might not score top top the road.

With a opportunity to victory the World series in video game 6 in Arizona, the Yankees to be blown out, 15-2, forcing a video game 7.

The Yankees take it a 2-1 lead right into the nine inning of video game 7 through their ace, Mariano Rivera, ~ above the mound.

Typically, for the Yankees, it is money.

But note Grace led turn off the bottom the the ninth with a solitary and the next batter, Damian Miller, reached first on a Rivera throwing error to 2nd base. Two batters later, Tony Womack doubled to ideal field, steering in a game-tying run. The following batter, louis Gonzalez, singled come center, driving in the game-winning run.

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The blown save was a rarely collapse because that Rivera, among the most dominant postseason pitchers in MLB history.