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Have you ever had someone ask you, “What’s a dime in basketball?” for someone who has actually been a pan of the game so long, that’s straightforward answer: A dime is sort of a slang term for an assist. A tiny confusing? Well, you deserve to take solace in the truth that the civilization is full of terms and also lingo that sometimes does not make sense. Before we delve deeper into the people of dimes and also assists, allow us first examine why an assist came to be called a “dime.”

11 ideal Dime-Droppers in the NBA

Gravity-defying dunks, heart-wrenching game-winners, and also ferocious blocks room not the only highlights of a basketball game. Any basketball fan would also appreciate a good pass thrown here and there. The NBA’s current chop of dime-droppers delivers that package prefer no one else could. Who are the best dime-droppers in the NBA today? Let’s discover out.

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1. LeBron James

If friend think you can’t teach an old dog brand-new tricks, think again. James led the league in dimes in his 17th season at 35 year old! To it is in fair, James has always been one adept passer, and also with Anthony Davis and a bunch of shooters to offer the sphere to, we deserve to see why he to be the ideal dime-dropper critical year through 10.2 assists a night. Bron likewise placed 3rd in assist per game in the playoffs (8.8), top the entire league in that classification in both the regular and also postseason (684 dimes in the regular season and also 184 assists in the playoffs).

2. Trae Young

Young is one of the smallest players in the NBA at barely 6 feet, yet he could ball through the finest of them. He perfect the season just behind LeBron in dimes per game (9.3 APG) and third in many assists behind James and Ricky Rubio.

3. Luka Doncic

Luka is not simply one of the NBA’s best scorers, he also is among its best playmakers. In fact, the Slovenian phenom led the whole league through 17 triple-doubles during the 2019-20 season! That consists of a 19-assist video game in a victory over the Bucks on Aug. 9.

4. Ricky Rubio

Speaking the the purest of dime-droppers, Rubio belong in that conversation. When healthy, the Spaniard has actually an insanely specific passing game. The is tied with Doncic in assists per game last season through 8.8 dimes a night.

5. Damian Lillard

Dame is recognized for his scoring chops and also unlimited range, yet commit too difficult on him, and he’ll make you pay. Lillard was fifth in the league in assists per game last season, dropping eight dimes a night, the highest assist average he had in eight seasons.

6. Ben Simmons

Simmons to be a freak the nature together a 6-foot-10 point guard and since he set foot in the league, he has been one of its height dime-droppers. The former LSU Tiger fall eight assists a night in the 2019-20 season, the same note he had for his three-year career.

7. James Harden

Harden was basically the offense in Houston his tenure there, which call for him to have the round in his hands most of the time. He as soon as led the league with 11.2 APG in 2016-17, but due to the fact that he had actually to split ball-handling duties with Chris Paul and also now Russell Westbrook, the number walk 7.5 dimes last year.

8. Ja Morant

Morant is among the most amazing players now and also the kind you would pay money to see. 2 players average an ext assists than Morant last year (Kyle Lowry and Devonte Graham), however he plays fewer minutes than both. Additionally, Morant is the dime-dropping leader in the Orlando restart with 9.9 assists in eight balloon games.

9. Malcolm Brogdon

Brogdon is just one of the steadiest hand you can find in the security position, rarely making poor decisions in his shots or passes. He averaged 7.1 assists and only 2 turnovers last season and also even led the NBA in APG in the playoffs with 10 dimes an outing.

10. Nikola Jokic

How deserve to we not incorporate the Joker? Jokic would be in the balloon MVP conversation if there was one, offering teams fits and also matchup problems since of his capacity to score and also create for others. Jokic averaged 7 dimes critical year, and also that contains 8.3 assists in the restart alone. 

11. Chris Paul

CP3 may have lost a action or two, but he is still among the league’s finest dime-droppers. He may be 35 years old soon and also in the middle of a horrendously huge contract, yet don’t suppose his veteran savvy to autumn off a cliff at any time soon. The man is quiet dropping 6.7 dimes in 31 minutes a night and also got self a triple-double in game 7 that the first round of the 2020 playoffs in a shedding effort. We have not viewed the critical of him, people!

Wrapping things Up: those a Dime in Basketball?

A “dime” may be a strange surname for a statistic, yet in basketball, it is the exact same as an assist. An help or a dime happens as soon as Player A passes the round to a teammate, Player B, allowing him come score. If you have wondered why it’s referred to as a dime, it cannot be certain verified regarding the term’s etymology. However, there are three feasible explanations.

One, it might be a recommendation to assisting or helping the police in an examination by calling castle via a payphone. Apparently, in ~ the time, to make a phone call by that method cost 10 cent or a dime. Second, it might be that the term is a recommendation to helping homeless people in whatever method possible, perhaps by lending them a dime to do a phone call. Third, the could additionally refer come the reality that a dime equals 10 cents. If you price something together a “10,” that way it is perfect. That may pertain to the aid as a “perfect” pass that leads to a score.

Whatever the case, a dime or an aid is critical statistic in basketball. An ext often than not, that is a stat that suggests teamwork and also unselfishness. It’s no a surprise to learn that many of the NBA’s ideal dime-droppers belong come the top echelon the teams. The league-leader in dimes last year, LeBron James, was the 2020 Finals MVP en path to leading the Lakers come its 17th championship. Several of the many outstanding dime droppers in the NBA today are Luka Doncic, Damian Lillard, and Nikola Jokic.

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With all these being said, us hope that we have clarified few of the confusion around the ax “dime.” The following time somebody asks you, “What’s a dime in basketball?” just remember the points do in this short article to aid you answer the concern in an orderly manner.

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