Ah, 2000"s Cartoon Network, my favourite era native this company. Through hits such together "Ed Edd N Eddy", "Codename Kid"s following Door", "Foster"s house for imagine Friends", and more, that truly was a time to it is in alive. Ns was ever before so happy to flourish up through these protagonists as they go on strange adventures and grew in character. While all of these mirrors did end, the show I wish had a much better resolution to be "The Grim Adventures that Billy and Mandy". Together I witnessed this event at the peak of the featured feed, ns thought today would be great day to proceed the story, an ext specifically, provide these personalities their After ever After.

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Table of Contents:

:skull: Plot Summary

:skull: Billy"s Ending

:skull: Mandy"s Ending

:skull: Grim"s Ending

:skull: Irwin"s Ending

:skull: Conclusion





The Grim Adventures the Billy and Mandy

The Grim Adventures of Billy and also Mandy is a 79 episode show that ran on Cartoon Network native 2003 to 2008. The display revolves approximately two fully different children: Billy and also Mandy. Billy is a not-so-smart lovable goofball who is ideal friends through Mandy, a sarcastic and merciless young girl. ~ beating the Grim reaping machine in a Limbo game in exchange because that Billy"s so late pet hamster, the Grim reaping machine looses and must be "Best Friends" for the two youngsters for the rest of eternity. The newly formed trio are constantly thrown into supernatural adventures, frequently going come the Underworld and back, frequently joined by Irwin, a young nerdy boy that is ideal Friends through Billy and also harbors extreme romantic feelings for Mandy, in spite of her consistent resentment towards him.


"Cheer up, Gri... Hey! Mandy"s not my girlfriend! She"s simply my FRIEND, that HAPPENS to it is in a girl, similar to I take place to it is in a boy, and also you happen to be a skeleton! It"s the differences that make our world so rich! so diverse!"



Billy offer as among the three key protagonists in the show. Billy is a very happy (yet stupid) 9/10 year old child who is finest friends with Irwin and Mandy. Billy nearly always has a smile on his face and will perform anything to aid someone else, contradictory to the sadistic and also emotionless Mandy. Despite his stupidity often tends to cause more harm 보다 good, he, for the many part, does not average to reason trouble to anyone and just desires his friends happy. He has been shown on multiple occasions to choose Mandy, also going as much to suggest to her 3 times, kiss her, and also hug her, most of i beg your pardon she receives without harming him prefer she commonly does. Billy"s romantic feelings because that Mandy have actually been enraged on by Grim.


Credit to the original Artist.

Billy"s ever After

As Billy, Mandy, Irwin, and also Grim continue to walk on adventures, the team will eventually grow up and also go their separate ways. Irwin, now the leader of UnderFist, will certainly temporarily leave, leaving us will Grim, Billy, and Mandy. Together Billy has harbored feelings for Mandy for quite some time, he will certainly propose and also she will certainly reluctantly respond saying "Yes.". The two will get married as previous villains and also side personalities can be watched in the reception, including: Saliva, Milkshakes, Mr. Snuffles, Jack O Lantern, Jeff the Spider, Both Billy and also Mandy"s parents, Nergal, and also many more. As result of Billy being so ignorant, he would forget to invite Irwin (Which could have to be a an excellent thing due to the fact that he additionally likes Mandy.). The two would it is in wed through Grim. Afterwards, the 2 would return to living in Endsville together in a big house, supplemented by Mandy"s income. Together for employment, Billy would thrive to work full time feeding zoo pets (And most likely injure himself/others while doing so.).


"I"m leaving for institution now, mother. In mine absence, I mean my clothes washed, ironed and pressed, mine room cleaned, Saliva bathed, mine socks color-coordinated, my goth steel posters framed, the house remodeled, the restroom spit-shined, mine room painted black, my knives polished and also my secret mutant military released right into the roadways of Endsville. Every done through hand."



Mandy serves as among the key protagonists/antagonist the the show. Contradictory to Billy, she is a ruthless, demanding 10 year old girl that strives for human being domination, even taking over the KND in their crossover episode. She is distant and cold and also never smiles, and also often brutally hits those she care about. While she is feared by everyone in Endsville, the only 2 that perform not fear her space Billy and Irwin, both the which one of two people blatantly/subtly prefer Mandy. Once not gift the protagonist the the show, Mandy is likewise seen together the opposing force, as her pursuit to take over the world conflicts through Billy"s great for everyone to be happy. She has been proposed come by Billy 3 times, forcefully kissed by Irwin, and asked out by Nergal Jr. The end of the 3 young men it is hinted she may return feelings because that Billy the most, together she is scared/upset anytime Billy gets hurt or goes missing, commonly visits his household, and also reads that a bedtime story as soon as he can"t sleep.


Credit to the original Artist.

Mandy"s ever before After

After wedding Billy, Mandy will later on go ~ above to operation a large cooperate business operation, in hopes to enslave the human being through advertisements and catchy products. ~ a pair of years, she will certainly realize that she would have to keep the teamwork going v "Fresh Blood", causing her having actually a child with Billy. The boy would be female have the look at of Billy"s mom Gladys and also the evil mastermind that Mandy, bring about a conflict upbringing of the kid as Mandy would teach the to it is in a dictator when Billy would teach him how to please others. The child, of course, would additionally mistreat Grim.


"I dislike you, I hate playing through you, and also I especially hate your little girlfriend!"



Surprisingly, Grim offer as among the major protagonists in the show, regardless of Episode One whereby he is the key antagonist. Grim is the Grim reaper of Death, and also only go onto the surface human being to take the souls the those who room destined come die. When Grim is told that Billy"s pets hamster Mr. Snuffles is scheduled to go, that arrives and demands the hamster. ~ Billy and also Mandy decision to provide up the hamster after ~ Grim beats castle in a video game of Limbo, mr Snuffles strikes Grim do him loose the game. That is then compelled to it is in Billy and also Mandy"s "Best Friend" until the end of time. Grim has displayed on many occasions too much disgust in ~ Billy and also Mandy"s treatment towards him, as they law him like a slave. He regularly picks ~ above Billy for maybe liking Mandy, and often pairs the two up romantically. Despite he often cases that he no the two, he has feelings because that them deep, deep down.

Grim"s ever After

After Billy and also Mandy have actually wed, Mandy will certainly tell Grim the he is free to go. Confused at first, Grim will certainly leave because that the Underworld in hopes of keeping his regular life. While at home, Billy and also Mandy will contact Grim ago up to Endsville in order come do basic tasks for them, together mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, etc. Angry after being told the was set free, he will certainly angrily move right into Billy and also Mandy"s brand-new home and also continue come act as a maid/servant for them. After their son is born, Billy and also Mandy will teach the child many things, including exactly how to order Grim around.


"Aw, does someone require some cheering up?"



Irwin is a reoccurring protagonist in the show. He is an overlapping nerdy boy that loves doing math, playing card games, and also uses slang to seem cool. He is ideal friends v Billy and also can be often seen play card games and video games through him. In addition to that, the harbors enormous romantic feelings because that Mandy, having an entire wall dedicated to photos of her. Irwin is related to Dracula and King Tut, making him 1/4 Mummy, 1/4 Vampire, and 2/4 human. At the end of the series he groups up with various other side characters in a Crime Fighting group referred to as UnderFist.

Irwin"s ever After

After the occasions of UnderFist, Irwin leaves Endsville to fight versus evil. Throughout this time, Billy and Mandy wed, despite Billy forgets to speak to him to the wedding due to his stupidity. On Irwin"s side, he has actually lost weight and trains after ~ every battle to enhance himself because that Mandy. ~ UnderFist has declared that over there is no much more crime in Endsville, the group give Irwin a pep talk and also encourage that to propose to Mandy (Jeff maintaining the truth that she has currently wedded Billy an enig since he knows it will certainly upset him). Irwin will contact Billy in hopes of asking if that knew where Mandy to be or not. They speak while Mandy have the right to be heard in the background talk to Billy, leading Irwin to uncover that his ideal friend has married his love interest. This will cause Irwin to it is in enraged and also go ~ above a terrible tangent, tearing up Endsville. ~ noticing the ruckus, Mandy actions outside and also confronts Irwin, putting him under in every sentence. The confrontation pipeline Irwin for this reason upset the he goes into hiding on the suburbs of Endsville.


"Why perform you have to hate each other? Can"t you watch you"re just like peas and also mashed potatoes? Some people don"t favor them to touch each other if they"re top top the exact same plate! but it"s okay. It"s okay if they touch! because they both get chewed up by the mouth, and also sent down the esophagus and dissolved right into the stomach and took in into the intestines and into the.....oh..I won"t go any kind of further 보다 that. However the point is, we"re all just nutrients in the good big cradle system dubbed LIFE!"


To Conclude...

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Billy and also Mandy was among the couple of Cartoon Network mirrors that might get away v a darker plot. Once Billy and also Mandy to be finished and also the rotate off collection UnderFist was canceled, fans to be distraught and also wanted a heavy conclusion, to no avail. What you just finished analysis were my think on what would occur if the series did continue, or as the challenge states, your "After ever before After". Despite the plot was dark, the personalities made up for it, make me desire to lastly conclude your tale.