The drama"s star Patrick Wilson revealed top top Twitter that he had received an e-mail confirming the axe.

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"So…shocking come no one, <A Gifted Man> is done," that wrote. "Found out via email…and no from the network. Remain classy. Many thanks to AGM fans! an excellent cast/crew!"

He later on said the he "couldn"t be happier" by the cancellation, adding, "As an excellent as it was (sometimes) the was not what ns signed top top for."

A Gifted Man premiered ~ above CBS critical September, with what verified to it is in its series finale airing on in march 2 after ~ 16 episodes.

CBS has picked increase several brand-new dramas and sitcoms for the 2012-13 season, including a contemporary retelling of Sherlock Holmes titled Elementary.

The network has also renewed Two and a half Men for a tenth run.

Patrick Wilson will appear in Ridley Scott"s upcoming sci-fi Prometheus, which is exit on June 1 in the UK and also June 8 in the US.

Watch a promo because that A Gifted Man below:

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