Andy Griffith was buried Tuesday, less than 5 hours after ~ the actor died, CNN reported.

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Griffith, who was 86, passed away at around 7 a.m. Tuesday in ~ his home in dare County, N.C., according to phibìc Carolina’s WITN-TV.Emergency medical crews had actually responded to a speak to for help, but no reason of fatality was given.

PHOTOS: Andy Griffith, A Life in Pictures

In a explain Tuesday, his family members said the “has been laid to remainder on his lover Roanoke Island.”

His family requested the his human body be lowered right into a tomb on Roanoke Island approximately 11:30 a.m. ET, follow to a funeral spokesperson that talked come CNN upon the problem of anonymity.

“It had been to plan for some time,” stated the spokesperson, who declined to reveal where top top the island he was buried. “This to be the great of his family.”

It’s unexplained for a person to be hidden so shortly after his or she death, Larry F. Stegall, executive director that the state’s Funeral directors Association, told CNN.

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“It’s not very common,” the said. “I don’t recall having heard the it, and I’ve been right here 32 years.”

Griffith is finest known because that starring in The Andy Griffith display from 1960-68 and also on Matlock from 1986-95.

His co-stars, including Ron Howard and also Jim Nabors, and also President Obama paid tribute come him Tuesday.

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