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What can you do when a company bans not you, yet your only crmodify card? John describes that he reverted some Redbox movies prior to his vacation. Then his vacation gained really amazing, and also his credit card was briefly and also accidentally reported stolen. He straightened points out through the crmodify card company, yet Redbox was not so foroffering. He owes the agency $15, however they won’t accept his money. Now he’s unable to borrow from Redbox, and their customer service is no help.

Several months back I rented a Redbox movie. I had planned a vacation with friends to South Carolina as Ohio is quite depushing in the early on spring. On the day of the pilgrimage I changed my Redbox movie(s) (I honestly can’t remember if it was one or two). The rental was previous the first day so the first charge of $1.00 + Tax was currently used to my credit card. However before, since I had the movies out over 2 days the second collection of charges had actually yet to apply. This is where the fun begins.

In South Carolina I conveniently left my crmodify card/wallet on a counter at a neighborhood gas terminal. The attendant, that was sucount simply trying to be an excellent citizen, called the number on the earlier of my card and reported it stolen, just in case. When I changed the following day after realizing what I had actually done, I found out what had actually happened. It took several phone calls and a fax admitting all responsibility, but the card was turned back on. Little did I know that at that time Redbox had actually attempted to put a charge with on my account. Since the card was reported as stolen, they just ran it when and gave up.

Now fast forward to just a couple of weeks earlier. I was bored and wanted to check out a more recent movie, so I headed on dvery own to RedBox early on one Saturday morning just to uncover it was malfunctioning. “No problem”, I assumed. I would just head dvery own to the next RedBox about a mile dvery own the road. No dice. Same problem. So I called the RedBox customer organization line. Turns out that considering that RedBox was showing that my card was at one point detailed as stolen/over the limit/uneasily accessible that I could no longer rent through that card. I sassist, “Oh I am so sorry about all of this. How a lot is it and we have the right to simply clear the matter up right away.” What I heard next I surely didn’t intend. The type representative had described to me how they do not in anyway accept payment over the phone. At all.

Now this struck me as odd, and also being an AT&T customer I believed I knew exactly what to carry out. Call ago and also see if she was lying. I dubbed ago, yet lo and also behold I gained the very same story. I owed them money, they won’t rent to me and also they do NOT have actually the ability to accept payment whether it be using telephone, inspect or mail.

I can go out and obtain a brand-new crmodify card as the rep. had stated, yet I feel it stupid to obtain a card just so I have the right to rent a RedBox movie once in a while. I think the charge was only $15 or so. I am at a loss as to what I must do right here. Just suck it up and also gain Netflix? Beats me. Any aid would certainly be significantly appreciated.

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For the sake of having an added card, maybe John have the right to inspect with his bank and check out whether he can have a delittle card issued for his checking account–that would give him a method to rent Redbox movies, and also an extran approach of payment for emergencies, but without affecting his credit score. Otherwise, we’re at a loss. Any ideas?

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