So because that the hell of it, I made decision to try out Wii fit Plus for the very first time in years, greatly to see how Wii Fit to add would price me overweight, regular weight, or underweight, currently that ns am under 30 pounds (to 160 pounds) from a few years ago. However I have to play the on mine Wii U, because our Wii to be fried ago in 2016 when lightning struck our house.

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But the issue I have is v the Wii to the right Balance Board. I swapped the end the batteries with fresh ones and made sure that the call points were no corroded (they weren"t), but the Balance Board just won"t strength on, much less sync with the Wii U. The strength indicator irradiate does no come on, or anything, also when I push the strength button.

According to iFixit, the probable explanation is that the battery compartment is bad. Does anyone else have any kind of ideas as to why the Wii fit Balance plank won"t power on, and also if girlfriend do, what execute you suggest I do?



Tue 22nd jan 2019
astrofan1993 I"m hoping I have the right to assume that once you speak "sync", you average that you"ve pressed both the sync button on the board and on the Wii U, otherwise the won"t attach at all.

Other than that, make sure that the video game is in the console and running, before you try to move on the board.

Perhaps all of that is needless to say, yet still: much better safe 보다 sorry, I always say.

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And here"s a pair of other pages with tips, and a video on exactly how to fix a Balance Board, if that should concerned that:(most answers are about the Wii, but the steps are the exact same for both the Wii and also the Wii U) you will find out, most answers come to comparable conclusions, so that can tell friend something,unless that isn"t functioning at all anymore, in which case, this video might help:

I posted the video clip as a link, so that it goes come the actual page where you can read the description, i beg your pardon might add something come the video itself. Ns think it"s safe to say the if none of these points work, it"s more than likely as an excellent as dead, and you could have to look for a replacement Balance Board.

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