ELI5 why is that a lit cigarette won't ignite petrol fumes but the Bic that lights the cigarette does?

What renders you think that a lit tobacco won't ignite petrol fumes? ns would complete that the ember at the lit finish of a cigarette would certainly ignite petrol if there were enough fumes and oxygen present to sustain combustion. However you could say the the flame produced by the Bic would certainly ignite the fumes an ext readily 보다 the ember ~ above the cigarette would. This is because the fire from the Bic is much hotter and spreads that higher heat end a bigger volume. I recognize this is ELI5 but I couldn't think of a simpler way to put that. Expect this Helps.

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Any source of ignition, consisting of a static electrical power spark, will ignite gasoline fumes (assuming the fuel/air mixture is right). Numerous gas terminal fires gain caused by human being getting back into their cars while the tank is filling, climate they get out, all charged v static, and walk end to whereby fumes are putting out that the gas fill, castle touch the metal, and also FWOOSH!

The difficulty--and the bogus movie myth--comes indigenous the concept that you can toss a cigarette right into a puddle of gas and also ignite it. In fact, the gas will simply put the tobacco out.

In fact, I as soon as watched a demonstration whereby they lit a road flare and dropped it right into a little bucket that gas (via remote control, castle weren't idiots). The gas put the flare out.

The trick over there is the on the method down, the cigarette passes through a change gradient fuel-air mixture. In the open you may not get ignition, yet don't try that v a fifty percent full container the petrol. The odds the hitting an ignitable ratio is much higher, nevertheless of videos.

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Cigarettes burn in ~ a lower temperature 보다 an open flame, an open up flame can ignite gasoline while a tobacco isn't hot enough to.

The problem is that if gas stations in 'Murica stated it was fine to smoke while gassing increase you deserve to bet some retard (from the south of course) would certainly go and light up while law it

*Edit: In lab problems you deserve to make cigarettes ignite gasoline, yet they don't carry out it under common conditions


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