If you space stuck in the center of a stranded ar or you space in the middle of a busy street through your broken car, then worry not, as AAA roadside aid is there to assist you in any situation, they will certainly tow your automobile (*According to your membership level) and also drop you off at a secure place to acquire your car fixed.

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So, let’s look in ~ the answers of few of the most generally asked questions around AAA towing Roadside Assistance.

Can AAA Tow any type of Car

AAA member is tied to the person and not the vehicle which they had while purchasing membership , for this reason the AAA member can get any type of Car towed, also if the is not their car.

You simply need to it is in driving that or be a passenger in the car and have your AAA membership card through you ,if you want the car to be towed.

Will AAA tow me come my house if ns am Drunk

Drunk towing or likewise referred to together “Tipsy towing” is not really common and hence very few AAA clubs sell this service,

So friend will need to call the neighborhood AAA company representative in bespeak to examine if they administer this company or not.

But mind the you will not be eligible for complimentary towing since technically AAA is an emergency roadside aid program and also they are just liable to carry out you company if you had a sudden breakdown.

Charges the Tipsy towing counts upon club to club.

Will AAA Tow a automobile that has been in a road accident

If girlfriend have been in an unfortunate accident then you must think of a couple of things first before phone call AAA,

If you contact AAA for accident towing then most likely they will refuse you saying that it is your insurance providers job and it is true, Insurance company will pay for every the damage and also the towing as well, you don’t must waste your 1 speak to to AAA.

However, if you room blocking the web traffic or in a rush climate you can contact AAA because that replacing a tire or tell them come tow it come a ar where girlfriend can speak to the insurance company.

Who is responsible for damaged automobile during towing

The car towing firm is responsible because that towing mishappenings and they space liable to pay you because that the damage caused by their worker,

but it deserve to be a little long procedure because they will an initial talk v the driver and also ask him around the details the the towing, and whether every the rules were followed.

So, after a few weeks, maybe you will receive the compensation.

How lengthy does the take for an AAA truck to arrive

People don’t have very great experiences through AAA representatives showing up on time, saying they generally arive in hours. Although AAA informs you the time when you call them because that roadside assistance.

Can AAA tow mine friends Car

Yes, AAA deserve to tow her friends vehicle but there’s a condition for that i.e. You should be existing there through your friend v your AAA membership Card, if not, AAA will certainly refuse to provide any totally free service to you.

and additionally you need to be a driver or a passenger in the vehicle, in stimulate to obtain the assistance.

Do You have to be through your auto for AAA come tow it?

Can AAA tow one unregistered vehicle

No, AAA won’t tow one unregistered vehicle unless the is going because that repair or have actually an old registration, due to the fact that of a range of factors like

The automobile could it is in stolenThe vehicle could be connected with a Crime Scene

Can AAA tow a automobile without Keys

As lengthy as the automobile belongs come you and also the is movable, AAA have the right to tow it to the nearest auto center to obtain it solved or you can speak to the AAA locksmith for gaining your car unlocked and also then gain it towed if needed.

But you need to verify her Identity and your ownership of the car, before any AAA representative starts their work.

Can AAA tow a Tesla

Yes, they can tow any kind of car consisting of Tesla however they have actually suspended charging the electrical vehicles, but you can get towed come the charging station or wherever you want (unless it is in the provided towing distance)

Can AAA tow one RV, Motorcycle or Trailer

Yes, AAA deserve to tow one RV, motorcycle or any trailer yet this business is only available for premium members.

How lot AAA charge after the cost-free miles are up

There space three level of membership easily accessible with AAA and each memebership has actually a particular limit of towing assosicated with it.

Once the border is up, friend will need to pay usually between 7$ to 12$ per mile relying on the area and club you room taking the business from.

Will AAA tow a vehicle without membership Card

No, the AAA will certainly not tow your vehicle or provide you with any kind of service without the member card, because since every member gets just 4 calls every year, AAA requirements to verify her eligibility utilizing your AAA card,

but if the situation is very serious like the member was in an accident and also been take away in an ambulance, AAA can allow a service.

AAA towing Distance accessible to people

There space three membership level in AAA i.e. Basic, Plus and also Premier and each membership level comes up with the limitation of towing, see the limitation below-:

If you have actually a an easy membership then you will get 7 miles of cost-free towing because that 4 time a yearIf you have actually a plus membership climate you will gain 100 miles of cost-free Towing for 4 time a yearIf you have actually a Premier membership climate you will acquire one 200 mile tow and also 3 100 miles tows a year

Note: The premier members gain the advantage of Towing RV’s , Motorcycles and also trailers

Will AAA tow from my House/Driveway

If your car is damaged down and you need towing that from one place to one more then AAA will execute it for no worries whether that is your residence or your driveway.

You simply need come verify your Identity and your ownership with the automobile to continue the tow.

Will AAA tow a automobile I just Bought

If the car is in functioning condition and its just not working ideal now, then you have the right to use the tow yet if friend purchased a broken down car and need tow climate AAA won’t be helping you.

Although some world have gained away with it in the past, but it is a grey area, you have to call AAA in stimulate to recognize the precise answer.

Tip:Don’t straight say the you have purchased a run down broken car, also if girlfriend have.

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How to contact the AAA because that towing assistance

You can contact the AAA’s roadside assistance by either calling castle or with their application or your website. But, you have to note the AAA road side assistance depends on ar you space in , for this reason you should visit the exactly website.

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AAA Member Loginhttp://www.aaa.com/drrweblogin
AAA application (Apple Devices)Click Here
AAA app (Android Devices)Click here
AAA roadway side aid Number:8002224357
AAA contact details

You can additionally Text APP10 to 86792 to receive a link to download the app.*

Final Words

I hope we were able to deal with your doubts about AAA Towing Roadside assistance, if you have any kind of questions climate you can directly message us.


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