If did you do it read any kind of of mine other short articles or follow us on society media climate you recognize that normally I create all about horses. So this is my very first time where ns going come talk around you instead! now I’m going to answer the question: deserve to I use steed shampoo to make my hair longer and also thicker?


I figured I need to mix it up a small bit. Plus, I store hearing about this rumour over and over again.

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So is that true?

Can equine shampoo make her hair prosper faster and thicker?

Note that since I composed this write-up over 3 years ago, I’ve put a little update at the bottom!

Rumour has it steed shampoo works miracles – Is that true?


I’ve done some research into the matter and also I’ve additionally explored some steed shampoos myself. I’ll bet you can currently guess which brands they are…

But before we obtain into nitty gritty details – i’m going to save you a totality lot the hassle and also tell you right now what ns found. NO — horse shampoo cannot magically make her hair grow quicker or thicker. Due to the fact that there’s no medicinal or steroidal chemicals in it, it’s just not possible.

Generally, if you’re trying to find a miracle unicorn product then it’s merely not the end there.


Personally i hate posts that ramble on because that a million years and also then lastly tell girlfriend what you came there to find out. For this reason I believed I’d conserve you the hassle; however, at the exact same time there room some benefits to equine shampoo therefore keep analysis if she curious about the subject.

Similarly, if you room curious on exactly how to actually aid your hair naturally attain its preferably thickness and growing potential then I can tell you. Review on!

Everyone knows about Mane n’ Tail

Whether from television or indigenous your suffer with horses — even just since a friend told girlfriend to begin using it, you’ve most likely heard that this product.

So of course I chose to start using that because:

Why not? who doesn’t want longer, thicker, hair?It’s made for steeds so that’s sort of a factor too, right?

So prior to I call you specifically what i noticed and my experience with the product, i’m going to talk around the product in part detail. I’ll likewise let you understand what study I did prior to using it.

The low down on Mane n’ Tail

This brand is recognized for their equine shampoo and conditioner. They make a variety of offshoot assets as well, consisting of shampoos and conditioners particularly for humans.

I didn’t use these! I just wanted to evaluate the one the was originally made for horses.

The original shampoo has sodium chloride, fragrance and also a concoction of proteins, amongst other things. The salt chloride way that you shouldn’t usage it top top keratin treated hair. If it is you, steer clear for now. Additionally don’t it is in alarmed in ~ its blue colour.

Here’s the complete ingredients list:


At first I to be impressed because I’m not to seeing ingredient lists therefore short. I don’t know around you, but normally when I look at the back of mine shampoo bottle, yes sir at least 30 or more of things I can not pronounce, much much less understand.

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I was likewise happy to view water, collagen and also cocamide MEA. Water since I recognize what it is and also it’s natural (obviously! haha). Collagen since I likewise know fairly a bit about it in terms of arthritic supplements. Collagon is also also organic – the body extracellular matrix (the room between all of your cells) is complete of it. If you’re interested, girlfriend can inspect out my post on horse joint additional here.

And finally, I liked cocamide MEA due to the fact that it’s a organic fatty acid found in coconuts. Again, the natural and also it’s a fat acid! save reading and I’ll tell friend why that’s so important in a little