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Bert H. Stated


The “G” prefix included to the serial number had nothing to carry out with “improved guns”. The “G” prefix was solely Winchester’s adherence to the GCA that 1968. Winchester added a prefix letter to every one of the Models in production at the time with the exception of the version 94 (its oldest model still in production).


Then it should be just a coincidence that the enhancements De Haas to be talking around (such together the anti-bind bolt) came about at the exact same time in ’68 the the G to be added. He put the beginning of the readjust at ser. No. 866,000. 

Maybe Lou will add what that knows around these transforms in ’68.

December 17, 20204:59 am
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I concur that the referenced Winchester version 70 rifle was, follow to ideal information i beg your pardon I believe reliable, created in 1977. From the year 1964 to the year of your concern and also beyond, every the Winchester version 70 rifles to be “push feed”. The an initial four year of that production was much less than mainly from aesthetics to design flaws. The former easy to perceive, the last from what i understand. Through 1968, I also understand this initial troubles were solved. Among the engineering developments well publicized denote a novel receiver-integral guide rail to minimize bolt rotation in in cycling except of course, where rotation became ideal for locking & unlocking the chambered round. Aesthetics also improved markedly. Mine 1982 design 70 XTR lightweight in 7×57 has performed beautifully. It retains finish, looks great and is quite nice. The push feed design is fair video game for critique, an especially for those of united state who usually prefer the regulated Round Feed. The said, I suspect it’s true that most of the people current manufacturing sporting rifles take on the push Feed style for the virtues which are definite and also well chronicled. An ext nowadays, “you pay her money & take her choice. The real distinction isn’t a positive/negative between these two mutually reputable systems, it’s in the quality of the rifle bearing each. That course, “used guns”, condition likewise playing prime role! various other than Winchesters obvious and painful last sixties ‘blip’, this “post’ Winchester genre every seem well guns. 

The postscript right here that in 1991, Winchester likewise introduced a great deal of man as they reached back to make use of a swimming pool of former unused “G” prefix numbers. These remained distinct numbers of course and also not duplicating any other existing “G” prefix numbers! yet low serial numbers occurring anew after ~ high ones, the late generating confusion! 

Below a compose up i did previously concerning the GCA debacle for whatever it might be worth towards elucidation…

Concerning the federal Gun control Act (GCA) that the year 1968… such addressed a range of perceived problems as tightening particular regulations. One, causing affecting not simply Winchester, however the majority of contemporary American firearms manufacturers. That problem was one of “ambiguity” and resulting pistol identification chaos. From weapons which never ever possessed serial numbers, come “incomplete gun nomenclature”; together defeating any type of objective to have databases capable of identifying one single, discrete firearm. The goal to have actually serialization and nomenclature on each gun come absolutely differentiate it from every one of the very same manufacturer’s other guns. It is it. In this Winchester was no a element problem. However the firm wisely decided to tighten up such procedures and the result its device of serial prefixes. Simply identifying the manufacturer and seeing that serial prefix, told specifically the model and assured that set of identifiers to be “discrete & unique”. This is what the “68GCA” sought to address. There to be no collection pattern forced by GCA. Just that every little thing system, it have to render a singular distinct firearm for each serial number. Again, emphasizing this necessity was prospective only. The said, ‘other laws/regulations’ resolve other problems retroactively. The “G” prefix is Winchester allocated to the design 70 rifles. The final irony, that appropriate now, some significant measure the “garbage in – garbage out mode yet extensively applicable come most legislation enforcement indexes pertaining to pre ‘68 GCA guns!