Oregon, Washington State each get 23rd location of low-price leaderBy Jennifer Strailey ~ above Feb. 01, 2021

On Feb. 1, employee-owned discount grocer WinCo foods opened two new locations: one in Wenatchee, Wash., and another in Bend, Ore. Located at 1340 N. Wenatchee Ave., the Wenatchee keep marks the grocer’s 23rd in Washington, while the Bend keep at 60 N.E. Bend flow Mall Dr., a former ShopKo, is WinCo’s 23rd in Oregon.

Known because that its “Wall of Values,” the Boise, Idaho-based WinCo is a membership-free, low-price leader specializing in bulk and affordability. The wall surface of worths “generally to represent the really best prices that we can offer on assets that you want to have at her home,” Steve Corbin, Bend keep manager told neighborhood news affiliate KTVZ in a current interview.

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“We desire to make sure you go in and see this is our model—low prices, lots of product, no gimmicks. Just buy what girlfriend need, as lot as friend need,” continued Corbin, standing beside WinCo’s wall surface of Values.

While the pandemic has pushed numerous grocers to relocate to credit cards only, the new WinCo stores just take debit cards, checks, cash and EBT. No credit transaction cards are welcomed at its stores. WinCo’s Facebook page alerts shoppers to payment options, and the must wear a mask and also bag their very own groceries. The brand-new stores are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

The brand-new stores additionally mark the 130th and also 131st stores because that the chain, i beg your pardon operates in 10 states, including Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. According to the WinCo foods website, brand-new stores are likewise coming come Missoula and also Bozeman, Mont.

WinCo foods items was originally released as Waremart foods items in 1967. The no-frills warehouse-style retailer that eventually came to be a supermarket was concentrated on low prices from the beginning. In 1985, after the passing of the Waremart founder, the company’s employees, under the indict of then agency President bill Long, established WinCo Foods’ Employee stock Ownership setup (ESOP), and also bought a regulating stake in the company. The firm was renamed WinCo foodstuffs in 1999.

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