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EnglishEnglish-DutchEnglish-FrenchFrench-EnglishEnglish-GermanGerman-EnglishEnglish-ItalianEnglish-JapaneseEnglish-PortugueseEnglish-SpanishSpanish-EnglishEnglish-SwedishEnglish-Phonetic small ExplorersPicture DictionaryOrganized by the Sound at the beginning of words long a b difficult c+ k ch d long e f+ph difficult g h long i j +soft g l lengthy o quick o p s + soft c sh t th long u v y short a brief e pl sk sl sp st sph short u w waiting aw bl cl cr qu dr eer fl gl short i m or ow pr skr sm spl mrs sw shr tr thr ur wh z ar br fr gr n oy r squ sn spr twWords that start with a "Short A" SoundGo to a web page of short A Activities abacusAn abacus is one ancient device that is supplied for arithmetic calculations.acid rainAcid rain is polluted and harmful come the environment.AcrocanthosaurusAcrocanthosaurus to be huge, spine-backed, meat-eating dinosaur. ActWhen you act, you do something or execute a role.actorAn actor is someone who performs a role in a beat or a movie. "Haste provides waste."adageAn adage is a quick saying that tells a commonly-known truth.Adams, JohnJohn Adams (1735-1826) was the second President of the USA, serving from 1797 to 1801.1+1=22+3=5addWhen you include numbers, yo obtain their sum.big, purple,cold, scary,sweet, uglyadjectiveAn adjective is a aword that describes a person, ar or thing.?adverbAn adverb is a word that tells "how," "when," "where," or "how much". Part adverbs are: easily, warmly, quickly, mainly, freely, often, and also unfortunately. AfricaAfrica is the 2nd biggest continent. That is in the southern Hemisphere and also is bordered through the Atlantic and also Indian Oceans, and also the Mediterranean Sea. Several of the many countries in Africa space Algeria, Egypt, Ethopia, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, south Africa, Tanzania, Zaire, and also Zimbabwe.African elephantThe afri elephant is the greatest land animal. That has big ears and a long trunk.African penguinThe afri penguin is a small, flightless bird that lives on islands turn off the shore of southern Africa.African wild catThe afri wild cat is a fierce cat and also a fast hunters.African wild dogThe afri wild dog hunts in package in Africa. AlabamaAlabama is a state in the southerly United claims of America. Its funding is Montgomery.The AlamoThe Alamo is an old Spanish mission situated in mountain Antonio, Texas.AlamosaurusAlamosaurus to be a huge, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur that had a whip-like tail. Fossils have actually been found in Texas.albatrossThe albatros is web-footed bird that have the right to fly because that a long period of time. AlbertosaurusAlbertosaurus was a large, meat-eating dinosaur, concerned T. Rex.alleyAn alley is a narrow road between buildings.alligatorAlligators are huge reptiles that have substantial jaws and big teeth.AllosaurusAllosaurus to be a huge, meat-eating dinosaur.alpacaThe alpaca is a south American mammal related to and also smaller than the llama. A B C D E F G H ns J K l M N O p Q R S T U V W X Y ZalphabetThere are 26 letter in the alphabet.amberAmber is a yellowish hardened tree resin.ambulanceAn ambulance take away sick human being to the hospital.&ersandAn ampersand is a price that way "and." amphibianAmphibians are pets that live in the water throughout their early life, however usually live on land together adults. They incorporate frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and also others.anacondaThe anaconda is the biggest snake in the world.anatomyAnatomy is a science that research studies the body.anchorAn anchor is a heavy metal machine that holds a delivery in place. AngleAn angle is the amount of rotation it would certainly take to put one intersecting heat on top of another.angryWhen you are angry, you are very mad.animalsYou deserve to see lots of animals at the zoo. animal tracksAnimals make tracks as soon as they to walk or run. AnkleThe fishing eye is the joint between your foot and also leg.AnkylosaurusAnkylosaurus was a plant-eating, armored dinosaur.antAnts are small, social insects the are uncovered worldwide. AntarcticaAntarctica is one icy continent around the southern Pole. AnteaterAnteaters are mammals with very long snouts. They are from south and main America.antelopeAntelopes room graceful mammals through beautiful horns. Anthony, Susan B.Susan Brownell Anthony (1820-1906) campaigned for women"s legal rights in the USA, including the appropriate to vote. AntlersAntlers are hard, branch-like growth on the head of some mammals- lock are shed yearly. Many animals, prefer reindeer, have actually antlers. AntonymAntonyms are words that typical the the contrary of each other. Part antonyms include: happy/sad, big/small, up/down, stop/go, wet/dry, long/short, loose/tight.appleAn to apologize is a juicy fruit the grows on an apple tree.Appleseed, JohnnyJohnny Appleseed to be a legendary guy who planted apologize trees with the USA. His genuine name was man Chapman, yet he was called Johnny Appleseed since of his love for cultivation apple trees.apple treeAn apple tree is a fruit tree. ArrowArrows space long and also have a sharp point.asteroidAsteroids space tiny planets that greatly orbit in between Mars and also Jupiter.asteroid beltThe asteroid belt is a doughnut-shaped concentration of asteroids that orbit the Sun in between the orbits of Mars and also Jupiter.astronautAn astronaut goes up into an are to explore. AthleteSomeone that is great at a sport is an athlete.Atlantic OceanThe Atlantic ocean is a large body of salt water the separates the americas from Europe and also Africa.

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That is the second largest ocean.atmosphereThe setting is the gas the surrounds a planet.atollAn atoll is a ring (or partial ring) of coral that forms an island in an s or sea. AtomEverything is made up of small atoms.