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You’ve checked out the graph root, which method ‘to write,’ written everywhere. Native geography class to mathematics graph document to English paragraphs, this root presents itself in many, numerous forms. Take a look at the graphic of the graph tree, and read on v the writing below!

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-iccharacterized by, like

A demographic is a “characterization that the people” that is “written” about them.


ortho-straight, right, true, correct

Orthography is the “activity of creating correctly.”

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Graphic Writing

There is lot to say around the Greek source graph which way ‘to write,’ therefore let this ‘written’ discourse begin!

One the the most usual uses of this source is in the suffix -graphy. Geography is simply ‘writing’ about the physical characteristics of the Earth. A biography is ‘writing’ about someone’s life, conversely, an autobiography is ‘writing’ around your very own life. And also a bibliography is a ‘written’ perform of publications you’ve used when composing a paper.

Many people ‘write’ in various ways. For instance, a calligrapher is one who ‘writes’ v beautiful hand-‘writing.’ A choreographer, ~ above the various other hand, ‘writes’ run steps. A cinematographer ‘writes’ scenes in a film by making use of a camera. ‘Writing’ v film is not unexplained at all—consider the photographer, that expresses herself by ‘writing’ with light top top film!

Life to be made much simpler by transmitting messages via the telegraph, i beg your pardon ‘wrote’ at a distance. What perform you perform with graph paper, on which lines have currently been ‘written’? You, of course, attract a graph, or ‘written’ diagram! Paragraphs are, of course, ‘written;’ paragraphs space so called, however, since they room ‘written’ alongside each other.

When you ask who for her autograph, you desire her signature ‘written’ by herself. Graphic artists could be particularly an excellent at that, because they address ‘written,’ vivid photos on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, some civilization have a habit the ‘writing’ graffiti whereby they shouldn’t!

Enough ‘writing’ for the day, lest I run out of graphite in mine e-pencil!

geography: planet ‘writing’ biography: ‘writing’ the someone’s life bibliography: ‘writing’ about books used calligraphy: beautiful ‘writing’ choreography: the ‘writing’ of dance steps cinematography: the ‘writing’ of film scenes photography: the ‘writing’ of images using light telegraph: ‘writing’ indigenous afar autograph: me ‘written’ graffiti: ‘writing’ ~ above walls