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EnglishEnglish-DutchEnglish-FrenchFrench-EnglishEnglish-GermanGerman-EnglishEnglish-ItalianEnglish-JapaneseEnglish-PortugueseEnglish-SpanishSpanish-EnglishEnglish-SwedishEnglish-Phonetic tiny ExplorersPicture DictionaryOrganized through the Sound at the beginning of words long a b difficult c+ k ch d lengthy e f+ph hard g h lengthy i j +soft g l lengthy o brief o p s + soft c sh t th lengthy u v y quick a short e pl sk sl sp st sph quick u w waiting aw bl cl cr qu dr eer fl gl quick i m or ow pr skr sm spl mrs sw shr tr thr ur wh z ar br fr gr n oy r squ sn spr twWords that begin with the "K" Sound(including native that begin with a tough c and k) cabCab is an additional word for taxi. CabinA cabin is a small, simple house.cactusA cactus is a prickly plant that lives in dried places.caimanThe caiman is a meat-eating reptile from southern and central America.cageSome world keep birds in cages. CakeCake is a sweet dessert.calculatorA calculator is a device that solves mathematics problems.calendarA calendar lets you understand what day it is.calfA calf is a young cow. CaliforniaCalifornia is a state ~ above the western shore of the United states of America. Its resources is Sacramento.California poppyThe California poppy is a small, cup-shaped flower that stays in dry areas.CamarasaurusCamarasaurus was a long-necked dinosaur end 60 feet long.camelCamels are huge mammals the live in dry areas. The camel"s hump is filled with fat. CameraYou deserve to take images with a camera.camperYou deserve to travel and also sleep in a camper.canSome food and drinks come in cans.CanadaCanada is a big country in north America.Canada gooseThe Canada goose is a big North American bird that honks. CanaryCanaries sing really well.candleA candle is a stick of wax with a wick that can burn.candyCandy is very sweet.caneA cane is a walking stick.canoeA canoe is a small boat. CanyonA canyon is a deep valley with really steep sides - often sculpted from the earth by a river.capA cap is a form of hat.capeA cape is a flowing item of clothes that hangs loose on her shoulders.capeA cape is a pointed item of land the sticks out right into a sea, ocean, lake, or river.Cape buffaloThe Cape Buffalo is a large, hoofed mammal that stays in afri savannas (grasslands). Cape searching dogThe Cape hunting dog hunts in package in Africa.A B Ccapital lettersCapital letter (also referred to as upper-case letters) are used at the beginning of sentences and proper noun (like people"s names).capybaraThe capybara is the greatest rodent in the world.carYou can travel in a car.caravelThe caravel is a huge sailing ship that was first made in Portugal in the late 1400"s. Many people explorers used caravels. CardYou deserve to send a card to a friend.cardsSome people play games with cards.cardinalThe north Cardinal is a bird v a short, wide bill. The male is bright red; the mrs is brownish-red.caribouCaribou live in Arctic regions.carnationA carnation is a flower; it deserve to be white, pink, or red. CarnivoreCarnivores are organisms that eat meat.CarnotaurusCarnotaurus to be a meat-eating dinosaur through horns on its head.carpetA carpet is a floor covering made of woven yarn or special fabric.carrotA carrot is one orange vegetable the grows underground.cartA cart is a wheeled auto that is traction or driven by an pet or a person. CartonSome liquids (like milk and also orange juice) are packaged in cartons.Carver, George WashingtonGeorge Washington Carver (1865?-1943) was an American scientist, educator, humanitarian, and former slave who arisen hundreds of commodities from peanuts, sweet potatoes, pecans, and also soybeans, substantially improving the farming output of southerly farmers.cassowaryA huge, flightless bird indigenous Australia v a helmet-like stakes on its head.castA cast is a hard, stiff, thick bandage (made the plaster or fiberglass) that is supplied to collection a damaged bone.castleA castle is a huge, an elaborate building wherein a king or queen lives. CatCats space mammals and also are an excellent pets. Cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians.caterpillarA caterpillar eats a lot and also will turn right into a butterfly or a moth. It is additionally called a larva. CauliflowerCauliflower is a white vegetable; it is pertained to broccoli. CaveA cave is a large hole in the floor or in the side of a hill or mountain.cave artCave art is drawings that were drawn on the wall surfaces of caves. Cave bearThe cavern bear, Ursus spelæus, is a huge, extinction bear well-known only native fossils. It stayed in Europe and was pursued by rock Age people.cavityA cavity is a rotten point out in a tooth.chameleonChameleons room lizards the can readjust their skin color.chrysalisA chrysalis is the stage in a butterfly"s life once it is transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly. That is likewise called the pupa.coatA coat help you keep heat when the is cold. Coati(pronounced ko-WAH-ti) Coati (also dubbed coatimundi) space long-nosed, long-tailed mammals from the Americas.cobraCobras space venomous snakes.cockatooCockatoos are birds that have actually a large, feather crest and also a hooked bill. They are from Australia and Indonesia.cocker spanielThe cocker spaniel is a friendly, obedient dog that was initially bred to hunt birds.cocoonA cocoon is a silky covering made by a caterpillar. The cocoon protects the arising moth. CoffeeCoffee is a drink made using coffee beans.coffinA coffin is a box that hold a dead body.coinA coin is a piece of steel money.coldWe shiver once it is cold.collieThe collie is a friendly, intelligent, and also obedient dog. ColoradoColorado is a state in the west United claims of America. Its capital is Denver.coloring bookYou can color the pictures in a color book.colorsThere are numerous colors, light and also dark, bright and also dull.color wheelA shade wheel is a device that reflects the relationships in between colors. Columbus, ChristopherChristopher Columbus (1451-1506) to be an Italian traveler who sailed throughout the Atlantic ocean in 1492, reaching North America. He and his crew cruised the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, hope to uncover a course to Asia.combA comb is a supplied to smooth or untangle hair.cometA comet is the a small, icy object that orbit the Sun. It"s tail always points far from the sun.comic bookA comic book is a publication whose story is said in colorful pictures and also some words. CompassA compass always points north.compass roseA compass climbed is a design on a map that mirrors direction. The points which way is north, south, east, west, and some intermediate directions on the map.compostCompost is decayed organic issue that enriches soil.CompsognathusCompsognathus is the smallest dinosaur yet discovered.computerYou space using a computer right now. ConchThe conch is a large, shelled animal from warm seas.coneA cone is a form that has a point at one end and also a circular opened at the various other end.conestoga wagonUS pioneers offered conestoga wagons pulled by cow or steeds to move their thing westward. They are likewise called covered wagons or prairie schooners.ConnecticutConnecticut is a state in the northeastern United claims of America. Its resources is Hartford. Connect-the-dotsWhen you do a connect-the-dots puzzle, you make a picture.constellationA constellation is a group of stars that we check out in the sky. They are not necessarily located together in space, but looks together though they room from Earth.containerA container deserve to hold things.continentThe land fixed on earth is separated into continents. The 7 continents space Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, north America, and South America.cookieCookies room small, sweet, small treats. Cookiecutter sharkThe cookiecutter shark is a tiny shark the takes one bites the end of the prey. Additionally known as the luminous or cigar shark.coralCoral is a tiny ocean animal that lives in colonies. Some corals leave a hard, stony skeleton when they die.coral reefCoral reefs are warm, clear, shallow ocean habitats that space rich in life.corkA cork is supplied as a party stopper. The is do from tree bark.cornCorn is a yellow vegetables you have the right to eat ~ above its cob. Corn was grown by indigenous Anericans for countless years before the Europeans worked out in north America. CornucopiaA cornucopia, also called a horn that plenty, is a horn-shaped basket the is filled with fruit and grains. The is a prize of abundance and also prosperity.CorythosaurusCorythosaurus was a plant-eating, duck-billed dinosaur the was around 30 feet long.costumePeople undertake costumes to pretend they are someone or something else.cotton candyCotton liquid is a sweet treat that is spun from sugar.couchA couch is a big, soft piece of furniture the many people can sit on. CougarA long-tailed wild cat through no spots. That is additionally known together the puma, panther, mountain lion, and also catamont.coupleA couple refers come two civilization or two objects.coveA cove is small, horseshoe-shaped body of water follow me the coast; the water is surrounded by land formed of soft rock.covered wagonUS pioneers used covered wagons pulled by oxen or horses to move their belongings westward. They are likewise called conestoga wagons or prairie schooners.cowMost of the milk we drink comes from cows. CoyoteCoyotes room meat-eating nimals that are pertained to wolves. CoypuCoypus (also dubbed nutrias) room semi-aquatic rodents that are originally from south America.cubeA cube is a heavy geometric number with 6 square faces.cuckooCuckoos room birds whose contact sounds favor coo-coo.cuckoo clockA cuckoo clock has a mechanical bird that sings every hour. CucumberCucumber is a cool, fresh vegetable the is great in salad.cupYou have the right to drink from a cup.cupboardThings are stored in cupboards.cupcakeA cupcake is a tiny cake.cursive lettersCursive letters space curved letter that attach to one another. CurtainsCurtains are towel hung on and around a window.curveA curve is a wavy heat or surface.cuttlefishThe cuttlefish is a close family member of the octopus and also the squid.kakapoThe kakapo is a large, flightless, nocturnal, solitary parrot from new Zealand.kaleidoscopeA kaleidoscope is a device that provides beautiful, vivid patterns. KangarooThe kangaroo is a pouched mammal the hops and uses the muscular tail as a 3rd leg. A infant kangaroo is referred to as a joey.kangaroo ratThe kangaroo rat is a tiny rodent from north America.KansasKansas is a state in the midwestern United claims of America. Its resources is Topeka.kapok treeThe kapok tree is a large, deciduous tree the is native to tropic America, Africa, and the eastern Indies. This fast-growing tree is generally from 45 come 60 feet (14-18 m) tall; that is the tallest tree in Africa. The light-weight silky under from the seed ford is supplied as pillow stuffing, resting bag stuffing, and for various other uses. KarateKarate is one of the martial arts.kayakA kayak is a tiny boat v an opened in the center for a person.kazooYou need to hum right into a kazoo to make music.keelThe keel is the bottom the a ship.kelpKelp is brown seaweed that grows in cold water. KentrosaurusKentrosaurus was a spiked, plated dinosaur native the Jurassic period.KentuckyKentucky is a state in the United states of America. Its funding is Frankfort.kettleA kettle is a pot in which you boil water.kettledrumThe kettledrum is a big drum that provides a deep sound. A set of kettledrums is dubbed a timpani. KeyWe use tricks to lock and also unlock doors.keyboardA piano keyboard has 88 keys.keyboardYou can type on a computer keyboard.kidA boy is a young goat.kidA child is a young person. KidneyThe kidneys room bean-shaped organs that take waste native the blood and produce urine.killer whaleKiller whales are likewise known as orcas. This whales eats hundreds of pounds the fish and also marine mammals every day.kilogramA kilogram is a unit of load or mass the is equal to 1,000 grams or about 2.2 pounds.kimonoA kimono is a beautiful gown worn by Japanese women. KinKin are your relatives.kingA king is a hereditary ruler of a country.king cobraThe King Cobra is the largest venomous line in the world. It lives in India, southern China, and also southeast Asia.King, boy name LutherMartin Luther King, Jr. To be a great man who worked for racial equality in the USA. KinkajouA long-tailed, nocturnal mammal from tropical in the Americas. KitchenPeople prepare and also store food in a kitchen.kiteYou can fly a dragon on publicly days.kiteA kite is a four-sided number in which the 2 pairs of adjacent sides have actually the same length.kittenA kitten is a infant cat.kiwiThe kiwi is a chicken-sized flightless bird from new Zealand. It is typically nocturnal (most energetic at night). KoalaThe koala is an Australian marsupial (a pouched mammal) the eats greatly eucalyptus leaves. The is not a bear.

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This pet is nocturnal (most energetic at night).koiKoi room a beautiful type of carp.Komodo dragonThe Komodo dragon is the greatest lizard in the world and a fierce killer.kookaburraThe kookaburra is one Australian bird whose call sounds prefer laughing. Small Explorers snapshot DictionaryOrganized by the Sound at the start of the Word lengthy a b hard c+ k ch d long e f+ph tough g h lengthy i j +soft g l long o short o ns s + soft c sh t th long u v y quick a brief e pl sk sl sp st sph short u w waiting aw bl cl cr qu dr eer fl gl short i m or ow pr skr sm spl mrs sw shr tr thr ur wh z ar br fr gr n oy r squ sn spr tw

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