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Illustration: The Spruce / Chelsea Damraksa

Aaliis to Azalea

An "A" tile or 2 have the right to be your best opportunity of acquiring rid of some vowels. This is one of the longest lists you"ll uncover. Look closely and also you deserve to say "adieux" (13 points, farewell) to those vowels without spfinishing an "aeonic" (8 points, incertainly long) amount of time on your rotate.


Bailee to Bureau

When you must ditch a plethora of vowels, having a "B" deserve to come in handy. You won"t be saying "boohoo" (11 points, to weep) or have to contact the "bookie" (12 points, bookmaker) or "bailie" (8 points, bailiff) to assist you out if you understand these words!


Caeoma to Curiae

You may be able to "C" some of these words in your rack if you look very closely. It"s specifically beneficial as soon as you"re going "coocoo" (10 points, crazy) or haven"t "cooeed" (9 points, Australian bush call) yet over having so many kind of "O"s in your rack.

Daimio to Doozie

Well, this brief list is a "doozie" (16 points, extraordinary)! It might not have the many words, but that "Z" is a score. With the appropriate letters, you have the right to carry a "dautie" (5 points, darling) or a "daimio" (9 points, feudal Japanese baron) in the game.

Easier to Exuby means of

An "E" or two will certainly make it far "easier" (6 points, not difficult) to score some points and also might also provide a "eureka" (9 points, triumphant discovery) moment! This vowel likewise uses the opportunity to remove some tough (high scoring) letters, choose the "X" in "exuvia" (16 points, molted exoskeleton) and also the "Z" in "epizoa" (17 points, beings that live on an animal).


Faerie to Foveae

There"s no must get "flooie" (9 points, off track) via an "F" in your rack. Get rid of those vowels via the assist of a "faerie" (9 points, mystical being) or some "faunae" (9 points, plural of fauna) and wrap up the game so you have the right to play "footie" (9 points, British slang for soccer).

Galeae to Guinea

The "goodie" (8 points, particularly pleasurable) bag of words can gain "gooier" (7 points, especially sticky) when you have a "G" to work-related through. You can also take your "goatee" (7 points, small beard) wearing "goalie" (7 points, goalkeeper) to "Guinea" (7 points, West Afrihave the right to country) if you like!

Heaume to Hoopoe

Get your "heinie" (9 points, buttocks) in gear! Don"t be a "hoolie" (9 points, hooligan) or spreview any type of "hoodoo" (10 points, voodoo) by clearing those vowels out via the assist of an "H".

Ideate to Iodous

Building off the "iodine" (7 points, nonmetallic element) base, you can wipe out a pair of "I"s and also a couple of other vowels in no time, relying on the consonants you have. That have to make the "iguana" (7 points, tropical lizard) pretty happy, do not you think?

Koodoo to Louies

All those vowels may be turning you a tiny "kookie" (14 points, crazy). End this game soon so you and your enemy don"t" finish up as "lamiae" (8 points, mythical female demons). It may need a "liaise" (6 points, mutually useful working relationship) on everyone"s part.

Mealie to Nausea

Were you blessed via four "U"s? Then it"s time to don your "muumuu" (10 points, Hawaiian dress) to acquire you out of the "milieu" (8 points, setting) and change your "moirai" (8 points, destiny).

Obelia to Outvie

"O" boy, do you have the majority of options below and they are most fun! Go with a high-scorer choose "oozier" (15 points, excessively slimy), "oomiak" (12 points, aboriginal boat), or "opaque" (17 points, not transparent). Or, to simply clear your rack, opt for obscurity via words prefer "otiose" (6 points, not useful) and also "ourari" (6 points, poisonous resin).


Paleae to Quinoa

The "P" and also "Q" tiles are advantageous for structure up points and obtaining rid of vowels! Get these words "queued" (16 points, to line up) up for your following rotate. Many will certainly not be considered a "peewee" (11 points, someone who"s small) on the scoreboard.

Realia to Toupee

These consonants are only one allude each, but "R", "S", and also "T" are basic to remove, even for a Scrabble "rookie" (10 points, novice). You could start your gaming "soiree" (6 points, party) in a "teepee" (8 points, Native Amerideserve to tent), for circumstances. Just do not forget your "toupee" (8 points, hairpiece)!

Ubique to Uvulae

Among all the vowels, "U" is the the majority of hard to place at the beginning of a word. But, if you study your pieces long sufficient you might uncover "utopia" (8 points, perfect place) in "unique" (15 points, unusual) however not "uveous" (9 points, obsolete) words prefer "uraeus" (6 points, a sacred asp in prehistoric Egyptian art).

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Veepee to Zouave

Scrabble players recognize substantial points deserve to be uncovered at the finish of the alphabet! Up your totals with hefty hitters prefer "zouave" (18 points, a member of the French-Algerian military) and "zaikai" (19 points, Japanese financial community). Or, go for a relative "weenie" (9 points, frankfurter or weakling) favor "woolie" (9 points, resembling wool), which still isn"t bad!

These words are legal according to the "Official Scrabble Players Dictionary", fourth Edition. They may not be legal if you usage a different dictionary. The word list used in tournament games in the USA is recognized as the Official Tournament and also Club Word List, developed by the National Scrabble Association.