IInthis collection of lessons, you will learn some useful spelling rules inEnglish.This class talks about a letter that is often, but not always, silent:the letter h.

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Downloada totally free worksheet + price key.The letter his not always silent, but we will research some cases when it is notpronounced.There is not a 100% specific rule around when you should pronounce theletter h,so be sure to inspect the together of new words in a dictionary if you are not sure. Also, that is a an excellent idea to keep a list of words with silent letters tohelp you remember. This short article will covering the most common words with asilent h.For example, the his periodically silent in ~ the start of words.

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If you desire to know exactly how long other takes, you have the right to use an hourglass.The sand move from the height to the bottom during a certain amount oftime, because that example, one hour.The h issilent at the start of words hour.Here room some much more examples that words through a quiet h in ~ the beginning:honorhonestheirYou can additionally find a quiet hafter the letter cin some really common English words.

For example, if your car is not working, you need to take it to the mechanic.In this word, the his silent. We only pronounce the sound of the letter c.Remember that the his just sometimessilent after ~ the letter c.Here space some an ext examples that words through a silent h ~ the letter c to include to yourlist:choruschemistrytechnologyechostomachschoolThe h isalso regularly silent after ~ the letter w.However, this will depend a little on the accent of the human being who isspeaking.

For example, the coach provides his whistleto acquire the players" attention.This quiet his typical in question words and a couple of other typical words in English: whywhatwhenwherewhichwhisperwhitewheelwhileFinally, the his additionally sometimessilent after the letter g,the letter r,or the ex-combination.

For example, drums are very important since they preserve the rhythmof the music.Here are some common words with a quiet h after the letter g or the letter r:ghostrhymerhinocerosexhibitexhaustedYouwill check out some more examples as you continue to research English, yet theseare the most typical words friend will uncover with a silent h. Look in ~ our worksheet top top the silent hfor practiceand review.

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So, let"s review what we have actually learned around the silent h in English:The his just sometimessilent.This happens regularly after the letter w in ~ the beginningof a word.It also sometimeshappens ~ the letter c,g, r, or ex-.

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