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The Latin source act method “do.” This Latin source is the word origin of a large number that English vocabulary words, including actor, action, and active. The source act is conveniently recalled via words act, for an act is something having been “done.”

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-iveof or the which does something

Someone that is active likes to “do” things.


-ionact, state, or an outcome of doing something

Your reaction is what you “do back” come something that has actually just occurred.

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Actors action or “Do” It!

The Latin source word act method “do.” this day we will certainly “do” our best towards learning numerous words through the root act in them, therefore let’s simply “do” it!

When world act, castle “do” something. An act, therefore, is miscellaneous “done.” because that instance, actors act in a pat or movie, or “do” your part. The acting offers the action or the “doing” that the play, except during intermission once there is inaction or no “doing,” at the very least on stage. The audience’s reaction come the acting is its “doing” ago or solution to what has actually transpired onstage. Hopefully the audience will certainly react positively, or “do” back some loud applause!

For the purpose of one’s health, it is best to it is in active, or physical “do” activities such together running or hiking, i m sorry are much better than being inactive, or no “doing” things. Before one’s health and wellness fails, it is best to be proactive, or “doing” points that tend to ensure one’s good health. And also if one is exacting in exercising, that is, completely “doing” it, one might not gain sick hardly ever at all!

Imagine you buy a car. The “buying” is a transaction, the is, a “doing” where the buyer gets the car and the seller it s okay the money because that the car. A auto seller will most likely not demand an exact amount of money, the is, make the buyer “do” a an exact sum, but rather the seller will certainly probably lower the declared price in an attempt to offer the vehicle. Hence, the actual or “done” amount will most likely not be the sticker price, however rather something much less than that.

Now the we have activated your expertise of the source act, you will no longer not be able to “do” words with that root in them!

act: come “do” act: other “done” actor: one who “does” her component in a play action: the state of “doing” inaction: the state of no “doing” activity: a “doing” reaction: a “doing” back react: to “do” back active: of “doing” things inactive: of not “doing” things proactive: that “doing” beforehand exacting: completely “doing” transaction: a “doing” throughout from a seller come a buyer exact: a very accurate “doing” actual: of that which to be “done” activate: to begin something “doing”