By 2008, IFSA's story as a completing strongman organization was over. Lock didn't control to get the money rolling prefer they had planned, and also dropped out. Because that this year, the IFSA residents contestants aren't back to WSM yet. That'll it is in the following one. And it's a big one. Yet for now, it's 2008. Here's the final:

The contestants:

Jason Bergmann, USA (1st appearance)

Arild Haugen, Norway (1st appearance)

Terry Hollands, UK (3rd appearance, vault best 3rd in 2007)

Tarmo Mitt, Estonia (3rd appearance, vault best 5th in 2006)

Travis Ortmayer, USA (1st appearance)

Dave Ostlund, USA (3rd appearance, ahead best sixth in 2007)

Phil Pfister, USA (5th appearance, vault best 1st in 2006)

Derek Poundstone, USA (1st appearance)

Mariusz Pudzianowski, Poland (8th appearance, ahead best 1st in 2002, 2003, 2005 and also 2007)

Sebastian Wenta, Poland (3rd appearance, previous best second in 2007)

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If friend haven't had enough of strogman action, there's Fortissimus:

Fortissimus was a contest meant to bridge the lid betweek IFSA and WSM contestants, and built together a tribute to the legendary - virtually mythical as soon as it involves his accomplishments - louis Cyr. The didn't last long, both 2008 and 2009 the is was hosted are ~ above that very same playlist. They mostly ended up beind Poundstone vs Savicas, together no one else might really save up v them.

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My god do I love me part Fortissimus. Favourite strongman compete of every time, despite the terribly annoying commentator. Dead they couldn't have cleared up funding because that it.

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Grueling contest. Mariusz and Phil weren't there, however still, the feats of strength there were absolutely incredible.

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The heats:

Contestants failing come qualify that we'll check out later incorporate Johannes Årsjö and also Jean-Francois Caron in warmth 3 and in warm 4 Laurence Shahlaei and also Brian Shaw. That's right, he's here, Brian Shaw. Not also near his top yet, together is evident, yet you've obtained to begin somewhere.

Heat 5 functions Magnus Samuelsson in his critical WSM appearance, and also heat 3 has actually the same for Janne Virtanen. Two former champions now fully outmatched.

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Mark Felix tearing his bicep top top the stones prevented that from make it come the final, however Jason Bergmann deserved it.

Heat 2 showed just how much the competition had actually stepped up from 2007, together Sebastian Wenta struggled to make it through against some young Scandinavian superstars. Richard Skog eventually would not supply on all the potential.

Heat 3 didn't have actually the greatest names, however it had actually three finalists indigenous 2007 and also five former finalists in total, making that a really difficult group. Tarmo and also his huge mitts make it in addition to Terry, how amazing struggling in '08.

Heat 4 to be the strongest of all. Mariusz struggled with injury but still prevailed, if Arild, Loz, Shaw and also LPJ combated for 2nd. These males (especially Arild) proved that the stones in ~ WSM were too light. 2007 was even an ext of a sprint through everyone finishing between 20 and also 25 seconds, which was absolutely ridiculous. However, Arild to be a true beast, genuine shame he quit strongman.

In warm 5, the two Americans made it which wasn't a real surprise. Lock both performed fine in the last too.

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Janne, Magnus and Jarek every demonstrated that their generation had been overtaken. The comeback from part IFSA guys and also the climb of young talent forced them out in the heats.