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Convert Mixed portion To Percentage

Mixed portion To Improper fraction

Improper portion To Mixed fraction fraction To percentage Mixed fraction To portion Proper portion into Decimal
Improper fraction into Decimal Mixed portion into Decimal

ExplanationTo convert a Mixed fraction into Percentage:Firstly, convert mixed fraction into wrong fraction. (Mixed fraction To not correct Fraction)Then, main point improper portion by 100.

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Some example concerning the switch of Mixed fraction into Percentage space as follows:Example 1 = transform a given mixed fractions 1 2/10 into percentage.Answer = The proceed is together :-Firstly, convert Mixed Fraction(1 2/10) into Improper fraction and we get:= 1 2/10 = 12/10Now, multiply the improper fraction(i.e. 12/10) by 100 and also we get:= 12/10 × 100 Multiply molecule of improper fraction(i.e. 12) by multiplier(i.e. 100) and denominator continues to be the same and also we get:= 12×100/10 = 1200/10Divide molecule by denominator, and also we acquire the forced percentage:= 120 %Example 2 = convert a offered mixed fountain 2 3/5 into percentage.Answer = The continue is together :-Firstly, convert Mixed Fraction(2 3/5) right into Improper fraction and we get:= 2 3/5 = 13/5Now, multiply the wrong fraction(i.e. 13/5) through 100 and also we get:= 13/5 × 100 Multiply molecule of wrong fraction(i.e.

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13) through multiplier(i.e. 100) and also denominator remains the same and we get:= 13×100/5 = 1300/5Divide molecule by denominator, and we get the compelled percentage:= 260 %