When you’re running your golf cart, you more than likely want to get it come go together fast possible for her carting needs.

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That desire is understandable yet may be sabotaged through a few different factors.

First the all, your cart is designed to be qualified of only a pretty specific maximum speed.

However, over there is additionally a component known as a governor that keeps her cart’s speed at a much safer and an ext reasonable level.

Here’s an additional fun fact, though: you can remove or deactivate the governor from her cart engine to rate up her cart.

You should be an extremely careful once you execute this step, though, due to the fact that you may end up make a wrong that loss your engine.

The following post will showcase exactly how to deactivate or remove the branch from EZGO, Yamaha, and also Club dare Carts.

How to take the governor Off a Golf Cart


Tools need for This Process

Before we get into the processes essential for every golf dare manufacturer detailed here, we are going to discuss the devices that you require to readjust your governor.

The essential tools are, thankfully, no that challenging to find and may be things that you already own.

We recommend the you very own these varieties of tools, anyway, if you are going to own or run a golf dare of any type.

First the all, you’ll need a grasp of wrenches that have the right to be quickly adjusted.

These wrenches will certainly be supplied to execute things like tighten the governor screw ~ above a golf cart and also make it easier to tweak.

You may likewise need part wrenches to open up her engine or various other panels on her cart.

Thankfully, a single wrench is often good enough for a cart yet finding the right size might be difficult to handle for some.

Beyond these wrenches, you’re likewise going to need assorted screwdrivers.

The exact type of screwdrivers that you’ll require will vary depending upon the manufacturer and the version of the cart the you own.

Though us can’t breakdown the types needed based upon model, us can aid you with the manufacturer model.

And don’t forget that there might be moment throughout each adhering to section in which we discuss the essential tools for each cart manufacturer.

These suggestions might or may not be current in every section due to the fact that some carts don’t need a very diverse tool set.

That said, however, part carts perform need more tools, so please pay attention as you review to ensure that you get the right items girlfriend need.

The steps Needed for EZGO, Yamaha, and Club car Golf Carts


As discussed previously, we room going to discuss three golf dare manufacturers in this article: EZGO, Yamaha, and also Club Car.

There room a few reasons why we’re concentrating on them.

The first reason is the most obvious: these dare manufacturers are the most common and respected on the market.

There’s a very an excellent chance the you own among these models if you own a cart.

We also choose these models because their adjustment procedures are among the simplest to understand and also the most basic for the average person to readjust without running into any kind of issue.

You should have the ability to handle removed or adjusting your governor on all of these models with just the tools that us suggest and also the actions that we outline below for your certain cart manufacturer.

That said, us think the is regularly a an excellent idea for most cart owners to talk to a experienced cart mechanic come ensure the these steps go smoothly.

It’s no that you can’t handle them but that they might be an ext extensive than you realize.

Therefore, that is an important to be ready to talk to a mechanic if her cart operation too quick or if it stops to run after you adjust or eliminate your governor.

Though rare, this difficulty can happen and is really upsetting once it does because your cart’s motor may be damaged.

Removing or Adjusting one EZGO Golf cart Governor

A usual EZGO golf cart has actually a optimal speed of around 15 miles every hour or so and removing the branch is known to include another seven or eight miles every hour come its operation speed.

This rate will vary depending on the cart model that girlfriend own, that course, however shouldn’t it is in too challenging for friend to carry out on your own.

Most of the moment this procedure is walk to take no an ext than 5 minutes or so.

Here, we’ll be mentioning the four-stroke engine that is one of the most typical of all EZGO models.

The operating steps below are common amongst most EZGO models, thankfully.

If any kind of of the steps right here don’t seem right or if your cart doesn’t it seems to be ~ to run according to this rules, you might need to talk to a experienced to ensure that you gain the ideal results for her needs.

Doing so deserve to ensure the your cart runs smoothly and also prevents serious damage from emerging unnecessarily:

Step One – closely lift the seat of her engine to expose the chair cousins: some carts will need you to remove screws, here, and also they are regularly Philips screws, so make certain that you have actually a collection of this tools accessible at multiple sizes to gain the ideal resultsStep Two – very closely remove the seat cushions from over her motor utilizing whatever method is suitable – girlfriend may be able to lift it with your hand however may also have to usage a driver – commonly a Philips – to eliminate the cushions and also expose a black color plastic coverStep Three – eliminate the black plastic cover over the behind of your seat utilizing an appropriate screwdriver to disclose your engine – you need to have 5 screws to remove: make certain to store all the screws supplied separate and also stored in a little plastic container come avoid any type of confusion hereStep Four – find the branch spring by following the biggest cable attached to the gas pedal outward – the governor spring must be wrapped around a metal rod and will have two nuts: a little nut and also a large one the holds the feather to the rodStep Five – ease the smaller sized nut and now tighten the larger nut to boost your cart’s speed – don’t tighten too quickly all at once and turn the nut simply a quarter revolve right now – any much more and you can stress the engine and burn it out and cause damages to the operationStep Six – Tighten the small nut again and test her cart’s speed by instead of the seat and driving the – does it relocate as quick as you would favor it to run? If not, you deserve to perform the same adjustment procedures until you acquire the outcomes that are proper for you: and also make sure that you stop the cart and loosen the huge nut if girlfriend hear whining noises, skips, or chunking motions in her engine while that runs

Now, what wake up if girlfriend follow every one of these instructions and you cannot find your governor spring?

Then friend cannot eliminate your governor.

This problem is fairly rare and also occurs just in more recent models of EZGO carts.

Typically, you’re walk to have to talk come a experienced who understands this action to get the finest results.

Thankfully, castle should have little difficulty here.

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Otherwise, you will certainly be can not to change or remove your governor and also will be stuck to the exact same cart speed your cart constantly had before.