WANTED – Data from her vintage Yamaha FG guitars.  See later in the post.

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See Yamaha FG Serial Numbers, interior Markings, and Labels – 1966 come 1981 for the outcomes of this search. My search increased to also include the Taiwan FG’s.

My recent interest is decoding the mystery of the 6 & 7 number serial numbers. It’s widely known that the 8 digit serial numbers start with the year together the very first number. But the 6 & 7 digit numbers (located top top the neck block) are just sequential numbers provided by every the guitars castle built, not just the FG’s. I’ve likewise found there are internal date codes that will reveal when the etc was made.

Serial Number situated on the neck block.


I’ve started a list of guitars I’ve uncovered with the design number, the serial number, and also the date code, i m sorry will enable the 6 & 7 digit serial numbers to be grouped right into a selection for each year, permitting any 6 or 7 digit serial number come be overcome referenced to the year it was made.

On YouTube I discovered a guy in Japan who’s posted brief videos of many vintage FG guitars, with the year, version number, partial serial numbers, and also in a most instances the internal day code. He’s obviously offered the internal date codes to determine the years. Ballad device on Youtube

With this, and other data I’ve been finding, I’ve uncovered even despite Yamaha states the very first Red label models imported in the united state where in 1968, i have found countless Red brand FG guitars do in 1967. I’m additionally tracking the green Label FG’s, the more quickly models (1966-67) only made in Japan, that share the exact same pool of serial numbers. I’m searching for the change between the Green and Red labels. I’ve additionally found the environment-friendly Label FG’s have actually a various truss pole cover, with “Reinforced Neck” ~ above it, really different than the one you normally see. The cover made it onto the faster FG’s imported right into the US, before transforming to the familiar one.


Truss Rod sheathe on environment-friendly Label and very early Red label FG’s.


WANTED – might you please email me in ~ smashville247.net
gmail.com v the complying with data from your vintage Green and also Red label Nippon Gakki FG guitars that have actually serial numbers less than 8 digits, situated on the neck block? II have 1729 serial number so far, and 267 the those had the internal date codes. I’m likewise collecting data on Taiwan do FG’s, up to 1981.

Model number.

Label color and also type. See Yamaha FG Serial Numbers, internal Markings, and Labels – 1966 to 1981 for more information.

Serial number on brace and also neck block.

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Internal day code (I use flashlight and a cheap USB endoscope with my cell phone, or my mobile camera if the strings space off.) This is very important to develop the date selection of the serial numbers.