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Zoo Tycoon is a company simulation game in which football player build and also operate zoos. The computer version that Zoo Tycoon has actually cheat password to aid you maximize profits and also unlock cool tricks that will impress park visitors.

These cheat work solely with Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon: finish Collection because that Windows and Mac.


Zoo Tycoon Money Cheat

Press Shift+$ at any time while play to instantly gain $10,000. It's ideal to usage this code at the start of a game due to the fact that using it later in the game can cause fences come break and animals to escape.

When changing exhibit names, let the game finish autosaving prior to you make the change to protect against the video game from locking up.

Exhibit NameEffect
Copralite CornerDinosaur poo turns right into rocks.
Super CrocDeinosuchuse appears in the Animal fostering window.
MicrosoftDouble exhibition donations.
Blue FangGuests salary 2x initial amount because that attractions.
WonderlandMore people come to watch the exhibit.
Cretaceous CorraTriceratops appears in the Animal adoption window.
XanaduUnicorn is in the Animal adoption window.

Guest NameEffect
John WheelerAll pet shelters available.
AkiyamaComplete all scenarios.
Dr DolittleAnimals breed faster often.
Alfred HBirds fear guests.
Mr. BlueChange everyone's shirts blue.
Mr. BrownChange everyone's shirt brown.
Mr. OrangeChange everyone's shirts orange.
Mr. PinkChange everyone's shirt pink.
Mr. WhiteChange everyone's shirt white.
Mr. BlondeChange everyone's shirt yellow.
EggmanDinosaur eggs hatch faster.
Adam LevesqueGet all animal shelters.
Bill GatesGuest donates a many money.
Boogyman (male guests only)Make kids guests upset.
rpro (male guests only)Make female guest upset.
RussellMake fences deteriorate.
StinkyMake guest sick.
Zeta PsiMake guests puke.
Hank HowieResearch every staff research study automatically.
Bill ClintonThe demand for hamburgers goes up.
Andrew BinderUnlock all pet houses and types.
Lou CatanzaroUnlock all animal toys.
Charlie PetersonUnlock every foliage.
Ron PropstUnlock dinosaur foliage study program.
Steve SerafinoUnlock intimidated animals.
Rich Uncle PennybagsGain a small amount that money.
DinomanUnlock every dinosaurs.

Staff NameEffect
Bob V (male maintain worker)Repair all damaged fences.
George W.Remove every foliage and get a $300 tax rebate.
Rosalie (female tour guide)Set all tour overview salaries to $0.
Jonathan Gilmour (male zookeeper)He i do not care the ultimate Zookeeper.

Animal NameEffect
DeerBearThe bear breaks out the its exhibit and also destroys any fences that surround it, excluding electric fences.
ReindeerRulpolnRed light nose.
ReindeerDancerDance with various other reindeer.
ReindeerCometAll dinosaurs disappear (eggs remain).
HippoFatTwo hippos.
LionNanGet a infant from a male lion.
UnicornLarryGet dimension of a dinosaur.
DinosaurUnicornOne Horn.
DodoDoflopnokUnlock White Dodo.
PandaBlacklyUnlock Red Panda.
YetiBigfootUnlock Bigfoot.
YetiBentleyTurn right into Spyro's friend Bentley.
CrocAgent 9Always happy.
MonkeyAgent 9Turn in come Spyro's friend Agent 9.
Chimpanzee or GorillaBorneoUnlock Orangutan.
ApeKangarooUnlock Wallaby.
GorillaMountainUnlock Mountain Gorilla.
TigerNopeUnlock Magnet the Polar Bear.
TigerDogUnlock Worker dog and an excellent Dane.
KangarooSheliaTurn into Spyro's friend Sheila the Kangaroo.
PenguinSgt.ByrTurn into Spyro's girlfriend Sgt.Byrd the paris penguin.
Sgt. ByrdFlyFly the end of your zoo.

just how to Unlock brand-new Zoo shapes

Enter among the following zoo name to adjust the shape of your zoo to the equivalent country or region.

AntarcticaArgentinaAustraliaBrazilCanadaChinaEnglandGreeceIcelandIndiaItalyJapanMexicoNepalNorwayPeruRussiaSingaporeSouth AfricaSpainTanzaniaTurkeyUSA
Scientist NameEffect
Dr. FrankensteinGives you a 10% chance that an egg alters contents when visited by that scientist.
Dr. SchollAll researchers walk double as fast.

UnlockableHow come Unlock
Bottlenose Dolphin StatueWin finest Dolphin present award.
California Seal Lion StatueWin ideal Sea Lion show award.
Elephant Seal StatueWin Zoo the the Year award.
IcebergWin the Excellence in Arctic Exhibit building and construction award.
MermaidPlace the mermaid frosting in one of your marine tanks.
Orca StatueWin finest Orca present award.
Photo BoothWin the Shark people scenario.
Trio StatueWin the super Zoo scenario.
Show Grandstand 2Win the Aquatic display Park scenario.
Yellow Brick PathMake one exhibit v a lion, a tiger, and a bear.

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how to Hide Trees and also Grid

Press Ctrl+F come hide every trees in her park, and also press Ctrl+G come hide the grid. Use the very same shortcuts to do them reappear.